Drain Unblocking Leaves

This Autumn Prevent Your Drains Getting Blocked With Fallen Leaves

Indeed autumn is a beautiful time of the year. The parks, countryside and backyards look more eye-pleasing with fallen leaves. The partial red and partial orange color of the leaves add more appeal to the landscapes surrounding us. However if your house is surrounded by large trees and plants, the calming season can also bring you an unpleasant effect called blocked drains.

A build-up of too many leaves inside the drain can cause a major blockage in your drainage system. When your outdoor drains are blocked, water will backup resulting in localized flooding surrounding your home. If blockage occurs in the main drainage line, it can prevent functioning of all other drains inside your home.

It is hard to imagine a normal routine without properly functioning household drains. If you want to avoid blocked drains and all its consequences, there are several tips you must consider. Let’s check out what drainage experts have to say on how to prevent your drains from blockage this autumn.

Rake Leaves

If you don’t want to have a blocked drain and slowly flowing water in your drainage pipes this autumn, sweep leaves in your home’s surroundings regularly. Don’t let the leaves pile up and fall down inside the drains through open drain covers. Heavy rain and wind can drag the leaves inside the drainage line, which can eventually lead to overflowing drains and severe blockage into your household drains.

To save your time and efforts, you can also use a specialized vacuum which can help you get your home’s outdoor free of leaves and debris. Or it is a small yard area and you don’t want to spend a good amount for the new vacuum machine, you can still opt for manual cleaning or use that old-fashioned metal fan rake.

It’s High Time You Check Drain Covers

Check the condition of your outdoor drain covers. If they are old and about to break apart, change them before the heavy rainfall or wind damage it further and allow outside debris and other waste access your drainage line; this can eventually lead to blocked drains or more severe drainage problems.

If drain covers are in up-to-date condition and tightly sealed, you can have peace of mind. Drain Unblocking specialists recommend homeowners to get drain guards. You will find drain guards available in many different sizes and materials in the market. They will only let water pass through your drainage line and will prevent leaves, debris and any other object slipping into your drainage pipes.

Watch Out For The Early Signs Of Blocked Drains

If you notice water is running slower through drains, hearing unusual sounds or smelling awful odour coming out of your drains in recent days, these are early signs of clogged drains. If not cleared in time, the blockage can lead to other drainage problems such as flooding drains or burst pipes.

Sometimes there is a severe problem developing underground in your drainage system and taking an early action can save you a large sum and hassles. Calling a drain unblocking specialist to look into the exact cause of the problem before the small clog turn into a major blockage makes complete sense. Being mindful for the early signs of drain blockage will help you avoid blocked drains and other drainage emergencies in near future.

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