Land Rover – Bulldoze Your Way Through

Do you like to travel a lot? And are you facing difficulty in getting an all-around car that will not only serve you well on the city road but also on cross country expeditions? Then you have a lot of options to choose from. However, if you have ever used a Land Rover chances are that you will never go to any other brand of car to fulfill your passion of both off the road as well as city street driving. The reason behind this is the quality of driving experience this hulk looking vehicle offers to its riders. Its unmatched comfort and performance allow it to take the pole position in the cross-country segment.

Among several models of Land Rover in the market, Discovery Sports is designed towards the adventurous, who like to drive in all kind of terrain and weather. It is equipped with the unique ‘Terrain response system’ which allows this four-wheel drive to adapt its differentials according to the roads on which is driving like gravel, snow or slippery slopes. This car also has amphibious feature, thanks to its 600mm of wading capability along with its fantastic approach and departure angle that allows it to wade into a hilly nullah without any problem.

Land Rover Discovery Sports is a genuine premium class seven seater. Even the last row of this car comes with adequate legroom and headroom for any able bodied adult. The front seats of this SUV are electrically adjustable and are blessed with adjustable headrests and armrests. All the seats are covered with premium leather. For passenger comfort, you will find cup and bottle holder in the front and the middle row seats. The panoramic sunroof which can be closed and opened with the push of a button adds to the sense of luxury inside the passenger cabin of the Discovery Sports.

The dashboard and central console is designed in a very classy manner. Although it does not have the flashy look of its more upmarket Range Rover sibling, but it gives you the feel of quite maturity blended with an upmarket look. As push the start button, the round swivel wheel pops out from the central console, which acts as the gear knob. At the center of the dashboard, you will find an eight-inch touchscreen that control all the major functions of the car. All the instruments on the dashboard and central console are well placed and easy to use. Driving in this SUV is a treat, which you will not forget in a hurry.

Driving is pleasant and it does not take much time to get used to this powerful machine, even if you are driving a second-hand or used Land Rover because the brand doesn’t get old. It’s available with a 2.2-litre TD4 diesel engine with 4 cylinders. Among the two engine options available, one generates a power of 147bhp and the other has a capability of producing a peak power of 187bhp. This highly refined motor is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox that transmits the power generated by the engine to all the four wheels.

As you sit behind the wheel and take it through its paces, you will be delighted at the balance and poise of this car. It takes the sharp corners in its stride and has a good grip quality that comes to its rescue when you drive it over wet and slippery roads. Considering its cross country focus, it has a high-quality suspension system. These include MacPherson strut for the front axle and integral coil spring for the rear axle. Both these allow the travellers in the Land Rover Discovery Sports enjoy a bump free ride.

Turning your attention to the design and comfort aspect of the car, you will be thrilled by its new look. The new refined looks of this SUV belie its muscular character. The tinted windscreen, body colour handles and big alloy wheels give it unmatched street presence on the road. If you have ever used Land Rover before, you will know that the carmaker really takes pains to provide you with the best in the driving experience. And Land Rover Discovery Sports is no different.

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