What Is Gearth Gear And How Does It Work

Girth gears are very useful in work which involves lifting heavy loads, such as rotary tubular kilns, winches at sea and tube mills. Often, girth gears have large dimensions and are usually difficult to protect against external factors. Contrary to enclosed gears, coal dust, dirt, salt water and abrasive cement might get into the open drives, thus making the process of wear and tear faster. This also leads to corrosion. Also, girth gear drives can easily get heavy shock loads.

A large girth gear drive needs proper lubrication all the time during operation so that it can be protected against undue wear and tear. The lubricant to be used should contain priming adhesive lubricants, operational lubricants and other lubrication for the purpose of running in.

Priming sticky lubricants protect the wheels of the girth gear drive from the very first rotation and are a contributing factor to the proper aligning of the girth gear drive.

Lubrication meant for running-in is essential in the smoothening of the surfaces of the tooth flank and also for the purpose of stress ratio reduction by increasing the contact area. With this lubricant, the full performance potential of the girth gear can be realised.

A girth gear manufacturer uses these oils/lubricants make to sure that the girth gear drives withstand mixed friction, shock loads, aggressive media and corrosion for a longer duration. Adhesive lubricants contain graphite, and there are also some lubricants that are transparent special fluids. These lubricants are very useful in the removal of dust from critical areas of the lube point and also helps prevent wear. There are also the biodegradable lubricants for gear pinion or rim drives based on renewable raw materials.

High-quality girth gears are designed making use of excellent quality raw materials like “DIN “3962”, accuracy class – VIII. One of the parts of a girth gears is the cast rim, which is procured from the best and most reliable source. To design a solid girth gear drive, the production and manufacturing process must meet international standards, and the key features of the product should be a superior design, an easy installation process, excellent strength, and high dimensional accuracy. Girth gears are used in different industries and various machines such as rotary kilns, ball mills and rotary dryers. Girth gears should come in different specifications to meet customers’ requirements. There are some advantages which a quality girth gear must offer apart from being pocket-friendly. These benefits include:

– A stress relieving process of manufacturing
– Basic tooth profile tested as per DIN 3972 II
– Accuracy grade accredited as per DIN 3968 “AA”.
– Quality ensured through NDT – UT – MPI – DPT.
– Chordal thickness measurement at base tangent length and various chordal addendum at multiples positions axially and radially.
– Measurement of Tooth Profile over the pin.
– Measurement of the pitch using an instrument used to measure pitch at various positions axially and radially.
– Measurement of surface-finish using German digital instruments.

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