Essential Things To Know About Roadtrip

Roadtrips, several hours in a vehicle with various ages of occupants and not nearly enough space for everyone’s boundaries. Perhaps it’s a long weekend or the last of summer fun. Planning is the key to a more pleasant trip for everyone!


Don’t overpack! If you plan to be gone more than four days, pack with the idea of laundry stops on the way. There will be less to transport and more room for passengers. Rolling up clothes, rather than laying them flat will give you more room and smaller bags. Bare essentials only when it comes to makeup, perfume, and personal toiletries as well as valuables. The less you take, the less you have to worry about leaving it behind! Shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and liquid soap belong in one zipper or snap bag. It will be much simpler to find at the end of a long day.

Put all medications in one insulated bag along with band-aids, ointment, and extra antiseptic hand gel. Travel size antibacterial sprays or wipes, and insect repellent should be part of your first aid, as well as an empty disposal plastic bowl. You know that someone, at some point, is going to get carsick! You can rinse and reuse the bowl, then recycle when you get home.

Are you headed to the beach? Pack all swimwear, towels, beach blanket, sunscreen, and flip-flops in one beach bag! It will make life so much simpler and fun! Roll up the swimwear, towels, and the blanket to make more space in the bag.

If mountains or lakes are your destination, be sure that everyone has sturdy hiking shoes and hats, because even in the midst of trees, sunburns happen! Pack for the lake just as you would pack for the beach. Is there a compass app on your phone? Download one! Getting lost in the midst of Mother Nature is no fun. Put filled water bottles and some healthy snacks in your backpack and be sure to gather your trash and dispose of it properly.

What to Pack After you’ve Packed

You will want to bring some electronic devices, but limit use time. Allow older children to internet search for “car games” and then be able to share instructions with others in the car.

Cameras on cell phones are amazing! There are inexpensive cameras, both 35mm and digital, available too. Let little ones have fun taking pictures. The benefit of digital cameras includes being able to delete the “oops” photos without printing them first.

Journal notebooks that have been decorated are great for kids. Make time each day for drawing and writing memories.

Pack some snacks and drinks in a cooler bag. This can be replenished at local groceries and will cut expenses. Fruit, small cereal boxes and milk make breakfast simple. Grocers also have pre-prepared foods that work great for rest area stops or end of day meals.

Last but not least, relax your standards and expectations. Life happens, even on vacation, and the way you deal will be the memories that become the best. Happy travels!

William Schoellkopf is always ready for any road trips. In his recent blogs he talks about the basic importance things for a tripper.

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