7 Productive Graphic Design Tools for Pro

7 Productive Graphic Design Tools For Pro

It’s not what’s in the tools that matter but how you use them. Still, a true graphic designer should not pass up on the chance to work with the best things they can find.

If graphic designing is what you specializes in, then these tools will be your strongest support for the job. In this article, you will find nothing but the best resources to aid you in your designing endeavors.

There is no denying that graphic design is a laborious job. But as long as you have these accessories in your toolkit, it does not have to be a hard work.

We would also like to warn you that even with these tools at your disposal, you need that creative cog in your head to help you stand out. If you can muster some of that innovative sauce inside of you, you’ve got it made.

1. Dribbble

If you’re looking for designing input, Dribbble is the place to be. It is an online hub where designers, illustrators, and artists gather together to share their work. You can tell other people about your work and then if you’re lucky, you can also catch the attention of good quality clients.

It can do more to build your brand than what Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can do together.

2. A Computer

Obviously! It is the only tool where you get to do all of your designing and editings. It is impossible to run any designing tool and program without it. Of course, this means that you deserve to work with the best of models.

Mac and PC have always been dishing it out with each other in this field. But according to history, due to its brilliant OS and inbuilt peripheral support, Apple Mac is the ideal choice here.

3. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud sits atop of the most demanding programs for photographers, artists and designers alike. It consists of favorites such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and even Experience Design CC. There are also brilliant apps for your mobile device that allows you to create anything on the fly.

You have the power to make UX designs, edit photos, videos and design graphics all in one place.

4. A Sketchpad

Because, why not? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the funds for a state-of-the-art computer system as long as you still get to hone in on your craft. Nothing fulfills that sentiment more than the good old-fashioned sketchpad. You can draw and practice your proportions and scales to your heart’s desire with this. There will be a lot of scribbles on the way, but that’s all in good learning.

5. DSLR camera

A high-quality camera should be in your back pocket if you ever consider doing graphic designing. While you may not be using any of your shots to work with, it is nice to go with it in case if you want to use them as textures or backgrounds. We would recommend you opt for the Canon EOS 1200D models.

6. deviant Art

Let’s face it; deviant Art is the largest online social community network for artists, enthusiasts, and designers from all over the world. If there is any way for an artist to get the word out about their skills and promote them at the same time, it is with this. You can even follow and share your stuff with other members of the community if you like.

7. Surface Pro 4

If there’s any laptop that could lock horns with the iPad Pro, it is Surface Pro 4. This intuitive little tablet provides just the right touch of a designer. Not only can you use it for your sketching purposes but it can even run the latest Windows OS as well.

Conclusion: We hope that we have provided you with enough juicy bits to satisfy your creative appetites.

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