Buying A Used Car – Understanding The Various Steps That Are Involved

These days due to growing economic pressures, people prefer to buy old and used cars instead of paying heavy price for brand new vehicles. Therefore, you find several old car dealers, who are doing pretty good business.

If you live in Houston, you can visit the website to find details about the best certified used cars. However, before making any decision about purchasing old used cars, you must know various important steps that you need to consider. In this small article, we will discuss about these steps for your knowledge.

  1. Consider about your budget – Before buying a car, you must check how much monthly installment you can afford to pay without disturbing your economy. As a thumb rule, your monthly installment must not exceed 20 per cent of your take home pay.
  2. Make a list of your desired cars – There are several well known brands available in the market e.g. Toyota, Honda, Nissan and many others. Each of them has their popular models that may be your choice. Therefore prepare your list of desired cars after checking their features.
  3. Get their prices and also read reviews – After preparing the list of your desired cars, you must try to find their estimated price from various sources. You must also read reviews about your chosen cars too, so that you may know about their good as well as bad points.
  4. Find used car dealers in your area – Having done all above, you must try to find the best  local used car dealers in your area, preferably 3- 5 of them. You must find out about prices and the mileages details about available cars. Make it a point to check if they provide Toyota pre-owned car deals, because the vehicles are known for fuel efficiency, cheaper maintenance, and power performance.
  5. Check history report  of car – Before choosing your car, you must ask for their history report so that you can know about number of previous owners, what are the maintenance done and many other relevant details which will help you to evaluate the condition of the car.
  6. Contact the seller – After short listing your cars, you may now call the sellers and verify all the information that you have gathered about the car. You may reject if the sellers information does not match with your findings. You can also ask him about the price and it is not necessary to negotiate the price at this stage. After satisfactory discussion you take appointment for test drive date.
  7. Test drive – Take a test drive and drive it on the highway at higher speed and note down all its shortcomings. You can decide whether the car is right one for you after test drive.
  8. Inspect the car – If you are satisfied with test drive then inspects the car and it is better to take any expert mechanic for inspection so that he can tell you about various weak spots, which will help you during negotiation.
  9. Negotiate – Now is the time to negotiate and try to get best price. You may walkout of the deal if you find that seller is too rigid, which may break his rigidity.

Close the deal – Now close the deal with the seller and make sure all the paper works are done as per your satisfaction.

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