5 Key Advantages Of Using Mobility Scooters

5 Key Advantages Of Using Mobility Scooters

Maintaining Independence

If you are able to walk, but find that activities such as shopping trips are just too much for you, using a mobility scooter can make all the difference. Whereas before, you may have needed to sit down and rest frequently, a mobility scooter will enable you to complete all your shopping in one go. You do not need to buy a mobility scooter to experience the benefits, as many outlets such as DIY stores and supermarkets offer their customers the use of mobility scooters and Shopmobility schemes are available in some town centres so that you can try one to see if it is right for you.

Regaining Independence

People who have had to rely on other people to propel them around in a wheelchair can find that using these scooters gives them back their independence and allows them to go out and about alone, sometimes for the first time in years.

Saving Wear and Tear

When walking is difficult or you have to propel a traditional wheelchair independently, you use lots of energy simply trying to get around. Mobility scooters enable you to save that energy for other activities, such as enjoying yourself when you reach your destination. Pushing yourself in a manual wheelchair can put a great deal of strain on your wrist and elbow joints as well as the muscles in your shoulders, and using a mobility scooter can relieve all of this.

5 Key Advantages Of Using Mobility Scooters

Gaining Wider Horizons

Being able to go where you want, when you want, gives you a greater degree of freedom. Since some mobility scooter models are able to travel as far as 35 miles on one charge, you will be able to cover a much greater distance than you would in a traditional wheelchair. You will be able to go up and down even quite steep hills comfortably and safely, and will not feel exhausted, as you would if you had to propel yourself manually.

Enjoying Socialising Again

Days out that would previously have been impossible can be accomplished by using a powered mobility scooter. Going for a “walk” with the family can be fun again and visiting friends or family can be made much easier if you do not have to struggle with public transport.

If you feel you may benefit from using a mobility scooter, you probably will. Why not arrange to try one in a shopping outlet or perhaps hire one for a week when you are on holiday? If you do decide a mobility scooter is for you, arrange to try some different models, to find exactly what is right for you. If you know anyone who uses a mobility scooter, ask them about the benefits they have experienced since buying it.

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