Beneficial Features Of Windows Dedicated Hosting

Windows dedicated hosting is ideal for all types of websites that run on the Windows technologies using the ASP .NET and Microsoft SQL. It can also be setup on Microsoft Access and MySQL databases. It is a robust system and suitable for high traffic websites. Dedicated servers provide the clients with higher security, maximum speed and uptime. Users get far more benefits than what shared hosting offers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Many organizations look for utmost security for their confidential and sensitive business operations and cannot afford to even the slightest of risks. Some look for the maximum space and other resources to control and offer a smooth flow of traffic to their websites without any pressure of crashing due to excess of traffic flow. They are in need of an entire server exclusively for their use and this server is called as dedicated server. Dedicated server is available in both Windows and Linux operating systems. Here no other customer gets access to the server and the client has complete control over all the resources. Though VPS server hosting also offers similar features it does not assure of complete privacy and security as it shares the server with other customers. VPS also

Features of Windows Hosting:

Windows is a commercial product and has the backing of the tech giant Microsoft. The company frequently provides updates to the system and it is compatible to most of the other operating systems. Windows dedicated hosting gives its users advantages of getting access to

  • FrontPage and Visual Interdev web design development tools

  • .Net ( dot net)framework that offers solutions to issues including connectivity, security, developing applications and many more

  • Sharing of data and other content with Microsoft SharePoint. This feature is exclusive to Windows technology and supports only the Windows based websites.

  • The ASP web designing tool to create and design dynamic content pages

  • Development of Audio/Video content for movies and band sites with the Windows Streaming Media.

Windows dedicated hosting is available in fully managed hosting form. The host takes complete responsibility of running and maintaining the server. The clients are saved from the need of hiring technically trained staff to handle all server issues. Though more expensive than the other hosting types, it allows the clients to focus on their business and look for newer opportunities of expansion. Unmanaged Windows dedicated hosting requires the clients to be perfect with technically qualified personnel that have knowledge of the Windows technology. The host will look into only the server hardware issues.

Advantages with Windows Dedicated Server:

Windows dedicated hosting gives the clients access to the best of high quality hardware. The applications can be installed using the One-click technology. Reboots can be done without many hassles. The support team monitors and runs frequent checks to detect and curb all issues. Clients can also get expert support in the form of video tutorials, forums in addition to the live chat and other support means of Windows specialists in the host company. All the plans from Windows servers comes with the Parallels Plesk control panel that offers multiple features suitable for better hosting experience.

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