The Innovations That Could Make A Difference

Technology certainly has the capability to transform the world. Each year, many innovations make their way to the foreground, impacting the masses all across the globe. There are certain noteworthy innovations that has made the recent years exciting for the technology freaks. If you need to learn what those are, then keep on reading!

Megascale Desalination

It is sad, but true that more than 700 million people living on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water. There is a water shortage as well in many areas. Desalination is a process through which the ocean water which is salty is purified and is made drinkable. The Sorek desalination plant in Israel is at its peak due to several advancements in the reverse osmosis technology, which makes it possible for the water to be sold to the country’s water authorities at a meager price range. The technology used by the plants consumes less energy than the other earlier technologies and could be utilized by other nations as well if the want to meet their water demands.

Magic Leap

There has been a lot of development in the realistic depiction of 3D images. The drawback of the traditional 3D image is that certain people feel ill or dizzy when they look at a 3D image for a longer period of time. With the technology of Magic Leap, a small projector is used to cast off a light from a clear lens on to the retina of the user directly, which results in a comparatively clearer and more realistic image of the object. This technology is not just good for the entertainment industry, but also for the engineers or professionals in the medical realm.

Nano Architecture

Nano-architecture turns the traditional wisdom upside down where it was thought that heavy materials were sturdy, while the lighter ones were flexible. Nowadays, materials are created with a complicated web of metal support by the engineers and in the future, the light but strong materials are expected to be able to enhance many products, such as by using them in batteries or insulations.

Apple Pay

This innovation provides the convenience of making secure and quick payments to an individual who has an iPhone. Although, a lot of companies came up with their own payment platform, the one by Apple is certainly different from all. Due to iPhone being a huge success, it is a given that Apple Pay will have a huge potential client base. The latest cellphones also have taken measures to increase security by incorporating built in fingerprint sensors. Through this innovation, the process of checking out at a local drugstore will be made quite a frictionless as well as a convenient experience.

Car to Car Communication

Many car companies are working in collaboration with the highway traffic administrations to invent such software for vehicles that would improve the safety without compromising on the control. These communication systems are developed to transmit the position, speed and other details of a vehicle to all the vehicles nearby. In case of danger, the drivers are also alerted through these systems. This innovation certainly can reduce road accidents and will help in making the drivers feel more secure.

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