How To Use Rowing Machine For Abs

Many people are still in the dark, thinking that a rowing machine is only good for improving your cardio. The truth is that rowing machine actually targets your entire body. You get to exercise your arms, legs, back and of course your abs. This machine is also very light on your joints, while providing you high-intensity workouts that help you burn calories and tone your muscles. When working out any type of muscle group, you have to make sure that you are working out the right way. If you do so, it will have a great impact on the final results of your workout.

If you were wondering how to use a rowing machine to work out your abs, here are the things you should consider.

In order to maximize results, you must be sitting properly on the machine. A great posture must be maintained with every stroke. This will allow you to target your core muscles when rowing.

If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your stamina at the same time, you will have to work for it. That means a higher intensity exercises should be chosen, so it isn’t only the cardio you are working on.

The truth is the impact of rowing on your abdominal muscles is based on the strength of your rowing. That means the harder the workout is, the stronger your abs and other muscles will get.

It is proven that while you row, your core muscles are working. You get to tone your legs, arms and your core at the same time. But the real question is, how hard do your abs actually work.

The great thing about rowing machines is that you lose fat and tone your muscles at the same time. But, if you want to get six-pack, then using only a rowing machine will not be good enough. Other exercises should be added after the rowing workout. Even though rowing machines target your abs, it is only to a certain extent. When you are rowing, you are doing the same hip and trunk flexion, which targets the same ab movements a sit-up does. Rowing has four stages – catch, drive, finish and recovery. Abs are only used during the recovery stage. Since the rowing machine focuses on multiple muscle groups, it is impossible to work out only one, such as your abs. Its focus on multiple muscles is exactly the thing which will help you lose fat and build up your ab muscles. But, if you want more focus on your abs, other exercises should be done, too.

All in all, a rowing machine will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. When using an indoor rower, you get a superior workout. Rower is a great choice for people who want to work out their entire body. But, if you are looking for a workout that will specifically sculpt your abs, then a rowing machine should not be the only exercise you do. Other ab-sculpting exercises should be added to your workout plan.

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