3 Of The Top Apps For Getting (and staying) In Shape

Whereas just one decade ago, if your phone had a relatively clear camera display and had the ability to play video, it was considered top of the line, everything changed a few years later, when along came Smart phones and Smart technology, which took the entire concept of mobile phones and devices, and flipped them on their heads. Whereas a mobile phone was once upon a time designed to primarily ring and allow you to send messages, nowadays these features are handy bonus features as the devices themselves are now pocket-sized super computers. As you know, there are many different apps you can download for these devices, with some of the most popular examples being health tracking apps, fitness apps, and even now some retreats are using them. If you’re looking to get in shape, here’s a look at 3 of the top apps for doing just that.

Strava – Cycling is a very enjoyable pastime and activity nowadays, and it is also ideal for people trying to get fitter and healthier. For the keen cyclists amongst you, the strava app is ideal as it features a timer and a GPS tracking system which will allow you to time your workouts, and also map out the distances covered, as well as which routes you followed. It also allows users to log how many calories they burned, elevation gains, their average speed, and much more besides. You can even find, and make, new friends via the app and cheer them on, or even engage in some friendly trash-talk. The app is free to download via Google play and iTunes.

My Fitness Pal – A huge part of getting in shape is actually not only making healthy dietary choices, but watching what you consume on a daily basis. My fitness pal is ideal as you tell the app what you wish to accomplish, I.E lose fat, build muscle, maintain your weight etc, and it will then provide you with not only a max and minimum number of calories, but also a breakdown of your daily macros, I.E how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates you should consume each day. You then scan the barcode of the foods you eat, or enter them manually, as well as weights and quantities, and you can then accurately log exactly how many calories and macros you’ve consumed with each meal. You can also log workouts and physical exercise as well.

Gain fitness – Gain fitness is basically like having your very own personal trainer as the app will design custom workouts based upon your goals and requirements, that don’t necessarily require you to have access to a gym or complex gym machines and equipment. You can tell the app where you will be working out I.E at home, outdoors, at the gym, can set a difficulty level, and can then use the programs created and can accurately log and track your results.

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