Install An ATM In Your Commercial Space To Generate Income

Real estate business is a thriving one and more than the residential sector, commercial real estate is more lucrative. It generally has higher return rate and if you have a commercial place to use, you might think about installing an ATM machine. It is a proven fact that the need of ATM machines is always on the rise. Hence, an ATM machine can easily increase revenues rather than renting out the space to any other kind of businesses.

When an ATM machine is installed in commercial space, increase of footfalls happens inevitably. It makes a good visibility of the space and this increases popularity. You can also continue your own business on one side of the space and install the machine in the other part. This way, even your business will grow as more and more people will come to know about it while transacting money from the machine.

Return on Investment

As you install an ATM machine in your commercial space, you earn money with each transaction. This return on investment depends from company to company. Also, the ROI will depend upon the footfall which one generates at the ATM. Then the return is calculated directly with the volume of total transactions. Usually, as a businessman, you will earn quite a good ROI by installing a machine. According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., the ATM base will reach 3.1 million units by 2015 worldwide. It was just 2.2 million in 2009 and according to the consultants at Lenpenzo, ATMs are reported to have handled at least 900 weekly transactions per machine as per 2012. On an average, an ATM surcharge was $2.50 in 2012 per transaction and with time, it will surely rise above. If security measures are taken properly to protect the ATM and the users, these machines can simply generate high income even outside the regular business hours.

High On-premise Spending

ATMs are really convenient for the customers when they need quick cash while shopping. Hence, when you have an ATM installed in your business premises, people will be frequently come in just to make some transactions. Also, if they need something which you sell, they can buy it immediately even if they fall short of cash. It is seen that on an average, the spending increases in such a store by around 65% when the customers starts using the machine to take out cash on an immediate shopping spree.


A Great Marketing Tool

ATMs can act as an interactive kiosk which can help the businesses make some additional profits. They also promotes the service offerings and even encourages the customers to visit again. So much so, that these machines can also act as a great marketing tool for your business. You can print the ATM receipts with barcodes and coupons which can be redeemed at your store. This way, even your products and services are marketed among the targeted customers and people will be more and more exposed towards your business.

A Convenient Boon

ATMs are very common these days and more than water fountains, these machines are easily located in an area. These can be found worldwide and are really convenient for the users. The simple fact that with the help of few plastic cards one can transact money is what makes these machines so much more convenient and a better choice than any regular human teller at a bank. The customers do not really need to carry cash while going out for making a purchase and the only thing they need to do is carry the ATM card.

Keeping in mind the popularity of these cards along with the reasons why you should invest in an ATM machine for your commercial place, the need of installing an ATM becomes almost inevitable. You will not only gain popularity but will also gain a lot of regular customers.

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