EaseUS Data Recovery For Free Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery For Free Data Recovery

Recovering data is easy, only if the right tool is available. There are strict procedures to follow after a data loss event has occurred. Failure to compliance would most likely result into data loss without the possibility of getting them back, ever. Hence, these tools appear before us as saviors. EaseUS Data Recovery has few different versions ideal for different consumer bases; the free version is the initial of all. It’s a trial which is limited to 1024 MBs of data; later on the user has to purchase one of the paid versions to continue using EaseUS Data Recovery.

Hard Drive Data is Recoverable

Not just hard drives, but most magnetic and electronic data storage devices offer the feature to recover data off their storage facility. The magnetic drives, more precisely our regular used hard drives are prone to permanent data loss if they are used after some specific file or data have gone missing.

Data remanence is the key factor that keeps the data in the hard drive even after they are erased using the operating system. The clusters store the bits and pieces, which are linked to the operating system by directories. When a file is deleted, the directories are deleted initially and later on, due to continuous writing and rewriting on the clusters these directories get overwritten; and eventually lost.

However, this process requires the hard drive to be intact in the hardware’s end. Hard drive recovery  might not be possible without the headers functioning, the clusters storing data in the ferromagnetic, or the rotation motors spinning. 

How Safe is it?

Speaking of safety, the EaseUS Data Recovery programs are one of the bests in the hard drive recovery software industry.Provided that you have done the drive detachment and usage discontinuation procedure right, most likely the data you lost are recoverable through this software.

However if by any chance you get the file directories rewritten by the user, it’s time you visited a professional. Chances are; nothing on earth can bring back intact data now. There would be broken pieces and the files could turn out to be completely corrupted. As it appears, there are risks involved.

For hardware failures of a hard drive, like header fault or a bad PCB, or complete power failure – just take the drive to an appropriate repair shop. Everything’s totally safe on EaseUS Data Recovery’s end.

Three Step Recovery Process

Opposing to most other free data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery works in three straightforward ways. There’s no extra hassle to take, no less than necessary actions to perform. Only three steps are all it takes to recover a whole bunch of data – no matter what version of EaseUS Data Recovery is being used.

The first step recognizes the data type for convenient filtering. The second one takes the file location to scan and the last step recovers the file. And the whole data recovery process is done in a nutshell.


In accordance with the data recovery software standards, the software performs pretty well; recommended for home users and even professional users.

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