An Amazing Recipe For A Homemade Gift Hamper For Kids

The kids are the beauty of the world. The happiness in every family is associated with the happiness of the kids. When a couple has their child, they just started living for their kids. And it is not a forceful process but it is what the people do with all their heart and will. And the kids happiness lies in ‘Gifts’. So times one find, oh my child is so greedy that he just willing to do what you are saying after you promise to give him a percent. It’s not greed but its human nature. Childs do that clearly and the adults have those emotions but they don’t show them. On Christmas times the demand of gifts from the kids is at its peak. But it’s a bad idea to tell a child that we can afford to give you this thing or we don’t have money for that. Kids are interested in gifts not on the cost of the gifts. And you can simply make your child to go crazy by seeing your Christmas hamper basket for them loaded with homemade gifts.

Preparing the Basket:

Take any old basket you already have a home, no matter if is not in a brand new look. If it is broken or uneven from somewhere take a thin copper wire and bind it from there.

Now you have two good options for changing it look all together.

  1. Use a spray Pain
  2. Use ribbons and cloth
  3. Color papers

You can also try a combination of them. You can rap ribbon beautifully on the handles. Also cover the basket from outside and inside with a cloth and tie it with ribbons. And use spray pains to add more color to it and hide the original dirty look too. It’s a great idea to make fingers and shapes with paper and paste it on the basket it will make the basket more attractive for kids. Make a floral knot and place it on the top of the gift basket. The basket can also be made with any box by rapping it with sheet or covering it with spray paint. This basket will be cost saving and beautiful too.

Filling up the Basket:

  • It’s the Christmas time you might be cooking many kinds of cookies for the guest so it’s a great idea to make some for the kids hamper. Give the cookies shape of flower, heartetc. to let them realize it’s made just for them. Pack the cookies in the transparent bag and tie it with the ribbon knot.
  • Buy for some kids’ engaging activity items like coloring books, colors and play dough and place it in the basket. These things will be of benefit for you in two ways, one it would be loved by your child and secondly after getting the gift the children with get them self in the activities of coloring and making things with play dough and thus you will get the time to enjoy your Christmas too and talk to the guests without worrying about the kids.
  • Don’t forget to put some chocolates in the basket. It’s the kids power food and a mood booster. And it’s the Christmas time they deserve some too.
  • It’s a great idea to put a stuff toy to make it more attractive.
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