No Win, No Fee Compensation Agreements

Victims of personal injury claims regularly seek to make a compensation claim in order to cover any losses they have incurred as a result of their injuries. This can be a relatively straightforward process for those choosing to use the legal help of personal injury solicitors, but it can still be a daunting for those who are struggling with their finances as a result of additional costs linked to their injury.

In order to help victims avoid these costs, personal injury solicitors are now increasingly offering their help on a no win, no fee basis. This means that victims are not liable to pay any legal fees or court costs until they have received their compensation. Under a no win, no fee conditional fee agreement, claimants can ensure they are not left out of pocket while pursuing their claim.

No Win, No Fee

A no win, no fee agreement is ideal for those who feel that the expense of legal fees and court costs is too much for them to take on. After suffering from a personal injury, many injury victims can find themselves with a number of additional costs that push their finances to their limits. Not only that, but many claimants can also find themselves struggling with reduced income as a result of their accident. If this is the case, a compensation claim can seem far from a reality.

However, with a no win, no fee agreement this is no longer the case. Instead claimants can pursue their claim safe in the knowledge that they are entitled to choose a no win, no fee contract once their claim is accepted by their solicitor. Although subject to a pre-assessment by solicitors, these agreements will ensure that claimants are not liable to pay costs unless they win, by which point they will have stronger finances and the money they need to cover legal costs.

Covering Costs from the Other Side

As part of no win, no fee agreements, claimants can also discuss the possibility of having their costs covered by the other side. In a personal injury compensation case, many solicitors will ensure that all costs incurred will be covered until the claim is successful. However, many claimants will still struggle to pay their fees after they have covered their other expenses using their final sum. Loss of income is a particular problem, as it can leave victims out of pocket and require them to use all of their compensation to cover any debts built up between the accident and the date of the successful claim.

However, many solicitors working under a no win, no fee agreement will ensure that these legal fees and court costs are not paid by the claimant, and are instead recovered from the other side. This means that the successful claimant will be entitled to keep all of their compensation total, which can be used to cover their expenses and costs. The other party will then pay the legal fees and costs built up by the claimant throughout the claims process.a

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