Why You Need A Pos System For Your Restaurant

It will only be few years before the entire planet will start accepting cashless transactions and this is already in effect. The days are gone when people paid for meals using cash although there are still many businesses that are yet to adopt new trends. Today, finding a $20 change can be very difficult and inconveniencing. This is where effective POS (point of sales) systems come into play. The benefits of point of sales systems are quite obvious and straightforward. For a digital generation that we are currently witnessing, it is definitely going to be the trend and only option. This is why most restaurants and businesses have been adopting a POS system. Here is a detailed description of a few benefits you can reap by joining businesses that have already adopted POS.

1. Sales Tracking

Sales and inventory tracking are simplest with POS systems from eposnow and there is no better way to put it. Rather than handling traditional paperwork and cash registers, these systems will help you track all sales and inventories without a hustle. This in turn will help you adapt the menu and pricing accordingly.

2. More Secure Option for you and your Customers

Point of sales system are the most secure payment option currently available. There are many ways of heightening your POS system security. With small activities like integrating strong passwords, antivirus, firewalls and updating the system applications regularly can go a long way towards keeping hackers at bay. Moreover, POS terminals are essentially card readers and are more secure.

3. Simplified Communication

This is the least among benefits of point of sales systems and is an obvious one. With POS systems, your kitchen and service personnel will not encounter any communication problems such as those witnessed with the triple-receipt systems. They are swift and efficient with provisions for quickly identifying discrepancies. And a happy personnel will spread their delight onto customers.

4. Inventory Management

This is among the many praised benefits of point of sales systems. They can be used to prevent embarrassing shortages and manage stock inventories. With POS systems, you will be able to know exactly what is available and what should be added in order to maintain high quality services. With proper inventory tracking and management, you will never have to worry about telling customers about what is available for picking due to shortages.

5. Swift Services

Installing POS systems in your restaurant will significantly improve speed of service and this is one of the most sought benefits. Customers will walk into the restaurant hungry and ready to eat which means the basket bread only have a few minutes to keep them patient. No restaurant staff likes an impatient hungry customer because they can lead many more away. POS systems will reduce the service lines and create a more efficient way of handling customers.

6. Getting the Upper Hand

Integration of point of sales systems in business places such as restaurants started a couple of years back and is the major trend. It is indeed going to be the most preferred payment option simply because everyone loves convenience and high quality services which it perfectly guarantees. Installing such terminals will give you an edge over competition that is still doing it “the old way.”

7. Easier Payroll Processing

Payroll services are some of the amazing integrations found in POS systems. They can be used to achieve a variety of things ranging from direct cash depositions to paycheck printing. What’s more, you can incorporate it with the labor schedules and even use it to simplify tax calculation services.

8. Accuracy

This is the ultimate goal any accounting system seeks and there is no better way to achieve it in restaurants than using POS systems. Evidently, point of sales systems are more accurate than punched in numbers and relying on cashiers to remember. With POS, everything is designed and completed during system installation and the exact amount is deducted with a simple touch of a button. All the cashier needs to do is select menu items that were ordered and the total amount is automatically calculated. You also get automatic receipt generation.

9. Reduced Labor and Labor-related Efforts

With POS, the activities that once took a lot of time to process are automated. There is no looking for float money and searching for change or manually writing/keying ordered items. There is no need for hefty paperwork when doing after-business calculations and everything is pretty much handled by the system. Besides, payroll services are also incorporated within and the communication is much swifter.

10. Customer Relationship Management

You can choose to go through all the customer information that a POS system offers your restaurant if you want to know more about each customer. From demographics to purchase history and preferences, a POS system will simply help you determine what your customers want and this in turn makes it easier to target them better.

11. Reporting, Analysis and Market Research

Every business knows the importance of reporting, market research and metric analysis. Point of sales systems will allow your restaurant to access previews, search databases and prints of daily sales reports. You can sort the journals by batch, receipt numbers or registers as preferred. When this is combined with the customer information you are collecting, it presents the best way to compare customer feedback against actual preferences. For analysis, POS systems allow determining of sales trends per item. You can review performances per style, cashier or sales person. You also have access to excel and other analysis programs that can use gathered data to provide meaningful reports.


The benefits of point of sales systems are simply inexhaustible when looked at independently since every business has its own requirements and ode of doing things. The major reason why some businesses still shy away from installing such convenient systems is because of the high initial capital. However, this is nothing compared to the long-term benefits and cost reductions in labor, reporting and service provision. Installing these systems in your restaurant will be the wisest decision you make especially since it now seems inevitable.

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