Safety First When Using Wedding Sparklers

With so many people using wedding sparklers for a variety of different purposes, it’s easy to see why so many different states, cities, and even wedding venues have become concerned about safety. In the wedding industry, your reputation is everything; so having an injury to a bride, groom, or wedding guests can be detrimental to your status within the market. No couple wants to read about a disaster at your wedding venue when they’re looking for the perfect place to start their lives together, so having common-sense rules in place can make a tremendous difference. Here are a few ways to ensure that you’re putting safety first when using sparklers at your venue that will keep your spotless record clean and lead to many more positive reviews on the various wedding resource websites that are commonly used by couples when planning their wedding.

Type of Sparklers

The first thing to consider is what type of sparklers you will allow couples to use as part of their wedding. There is a wide variety of wedding sparklers available in different colors, shapes, and manufacturing materials, so knowing which type of sparklers have the best safety record is paramount. For weddings, gold wire sparklers are usually the preferred way to go since they don’t create much smoke or have pieces falling off as they burn. This makes them ideal for either indoor or outdoor use and will also avoid any incidents caused by poor quality construction.

Length of Sparklers

Another important thing to consider when creating your wedding sparkler policy is the length of the sparklers you allow. There are a variety of different options out there, but studies have shown that 20 inch wedding sparklers are by far the safest because the shorter ones can lead to burns on your hands and the longer ones can lead to burning objects that are around the user. The 20 inch variety will burn for plenty of time while still being small enough to easily control.

How They Are Used

How you allow your guests to use wedding sparklers at your venue can determine a lot about how safe of an environment you are creating. The safest activities you can allow your couples to perform include sparkling tunnels and grand exits that are enhanced by the use of sparklers. Things to avoid are potentially hazardous activities like juggling, twirling, or anything else that common sense tells you could possibly lead to even a very minor injury.

Where They Are Used

Lastly, the places you allow the couples renting your wedding venue to use their sparklers can either make or break the safety record of your establishment. For instance, if your wedding venue has a lot of internal obstacles or very low ceilings, then perhaps you should consider banning the use of wedding sparklers indoors to prevent an accident. Similarly, if you have low hanging trees or other obstructions outside your wedding venue, you may want to have certain designated areas where using sparklers is allowed. Just make sure that the areas you allow your couples to use wedding sparklers is far from anything that could catch on fire and you should be able to eliminate much of the risk associated with their use.

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