Saving High Voltage Cable Terminal With Best Cable Termination Kits

In an industrial electrical system, there are many different components that you need to use to make it working for long time. In order to keep your industrial high voltage electric circuits in working state for many years, you must keep in mind that it is inevitable to use the right type of electrical components for every purpose. Without the right type of electrical equipment with proper load bearing capacities, there would be improper working of the electrical network along with frequent breakdowns, which will eventually lead to economical loss in terms of time and work. This also affects the efficiency and productivity of the plant, as well.

In industrial electrical systems, we are dealing with extremely high amount of electrical voltage, which can be lethal sometimes. In order to make sure that no accidents take place at your work place, you also need to make sure that only the best quality electrical products are used in your electrical systems. One of the major components that are used in most of the industrial electrical systems is termination kits.

In a high voltage electrical circuit, many times you have to make several joints and terminals in high voltage cable to redistribute the power supply. Now when these joints and terminals are made, they are very tender and weak. They can be easily damaged by the external forces such as corrosion, moisture, mechanical impact, pollution, etc. In order to protect these high voltage cable joints, cable termination kits are used.

Compaq is one of the best electrical component manufacturers in India providing the best solutions for various electrical needs for industries. The cable termination kits offered by Compaq are made from very high quality materials and are designed to provide very sturdy performance in very harsh conditions. Compaq offers both heat shrink and cold shrink cable termination, which make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The working range of Compaq cable termination is also very wide starting from 11Kv and goes up to 72 KV.

Here is some technical information about Compaq cable termination kits.

Text Description Requirement GTP Value
12KV 24KV 36KV
A.C Voltage withstand test ( Dry ) 5 minutes at 4.5 U0 35KV 58KV 86KV
A.C Voltage Withstand test (Wet) 1 minutes at 4.5 U0 30KV 51KV 76KV
D.C Voltage Withstand test 15 minutes at 4 U0 48KV 96KV 144KV
Partial discharge test 10 Pc Max. at 1.73 U0 <5 Pc up to 12.7 KV <5 Pc up to  25 KV <5 Pc up to 33 KV
Impulse Voltage withstand test 10 impulse each polarity at 75KV 95KV 125KV 170KV
Thermal Short Circuit (Screen) Two short circuit &  no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Thermal Short Circuit ( Conductor ) Two short circuit & no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Dynamic Short Circuit One short circuit & no visible deterioration Even confirm to more straight condition
Humidity Test 300 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes
Salt Fog Test 100 hours at 1.25 U0 Passes

With the best quality electrical products, Compaq has been able to earn a long list of satisfied clients in India and abroad.

Author’s Bio: The author is an electrical engineer and loves to write technical articles for compaqinternational about cold shrink cable termination. His job is to provide useful information about various products to the customers through his articles.

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