The Top 6 Airplane Tech Advances Of The Last Decade

Airplanes have continued to amaze and enthral people. From domestic and commercial flights, the sheer scope of innovation has been astonishing in the last decade. There have been some incredible technological advances within the aircraft industry. All of which has happened in the last decade. So much so, that airplanes can now do more than ever before.

Here, we will look at the top six tech advances in airplanes of the last decade.

  1. Cargo Aircraft

Cargo aircraft aircrafts used to have just a minimal amount of crew on board. Now, with increased fuel efficiency, cargo aircraft can ensure that there is a need for even fewer crew members on board. The automated systems can ensure that only three team members are required on board at any time. What is more, the hybrid airship will now allow for fuel efficiency as well as decreased flight times.

  1. UAVs

What could be a greater technological advancement that having an unmanned aerial vehicle? Of course, these have been used more widely in the military. But, the now a plane can fly itself? That’s kind of cool. The latest developments in UAVs can ensure that defence in the skies is done stealthier. This reduces the need for more UAVs in the sky. Of course, they will need the best aircraft windshield cleaner to ensure that the plane is in tip top condition!

  1. Fighter Jets

Who can talk about the advances in airplane tech without mentioning fighter jets? Once upon a time, the need for manned planes and jets was a must. But now, fighter jets are about to become unmanned. In the course of the last decade, fighter jets can now take to the skies without the need for a pilot. When it comes to military air raids, now pilots won’t be part of this. The fighter jet can go it alone.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

While cars have been switching to alternative fuels, it’s taken a while for the aviation industry to catch up. But, now airplanes can also benefit from bio blends and alternative fuel sources. In 2007, a military jet was first commissioned that ran solely on renewable energy. Now, with more research and development underway, it’s only a matter of time before passenger aircraft follows suit. You never know, it may reduce the cost of international flights in the process! More importantly, by not using fossil fuels, the whole world can benefit from the use of renewable fuel.

  1. Passenger Planes and Commercial Aviation

Manufacturers of commercial passenger planes are looking into ways to make them more fuel efficient. This can ensure that passenger planes are more robust. But, with added safety features, passengers can ensure that they are more comfortable as they fly too. Now, more operators are looking to create structural wing components that are lighter. This will lead to shortened flights and more fuel efficient modes of travelling.

  1. Manned Hypersonic Scramjet Flights

While Concorde has been and gone, many people are harking back to the days of when flight times were reduced. But, the need for hypersonic scramjet flights for commercial purposes may just be a reality. The concept of hypersonic flights has been in existence since the 1950s. Usually, these jets are used by NASA. But, in the near future these could be used to carry commercial passengers to their favourite holiday destinations.

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