Constituent of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have provided a great alternative to smokers worldwide. These gadgets present you with an option of getting your favorite puff without the harmful effects contained in nicotine. The e cig does not create the real smoke, thus, you can use it in public areas. It does not have tar or carcinogenic elements. Therefore, due to this, it has proven to be a popular choice for many globally, you can buy these from any Electronic Cigarette Store.

The electronic cig generally provides the user with similar experience as the traditional tobacco only in this, there is no smoke produced. It is not flammable and is created by technology hence making it appear and feel just as the normal cigarette. It can be obtained in different flavors from an electronic Cigarette Store just like the ordinary ones. It has several benefits compared to the actual smoke. It does not cause any health complications such as cancer, lung diseases or reparatory ailments. It is recommended for individual how want to quit the habit.

  • History of e cigs.

It was invented by a Chinese pharmacist known as Hon Lik in the year 2003 working for a company called Ruyan meaning smoking in Chinese. The equipment was meant to simulate the tobacco act of smoking. This was achieved through inhaling a mist that looked like the normal impression, appearance and similar flavors of nicotine. Using heat, it changes the mist into vapor. This makes it very beneficial to users since you simply utilize it in open places without fear. Other advantages are that it is cost effective hence you can save a lot of money.

Some of the main components that make up an electronic cigarette are outlined below.

  1. Cartridge- This is basically a tiny container which holds the nicotine and other elements in water form. This part is very important since it is the compartment that vaporization will take place. The mouthpiece is connected to it; this ensures the mist generated reaches the mouth when using it. Once all the liquid cleared, you have to option of refilling, or you can simply replace it with a new one.
  2. Atomizer- the main purpose of this piece is to vaporize the fluid mixture in order to be inhaled. This item has a filament that heats up when activated. When it has worked for a long time, it will degrade, therefore, you can change it with a new one. An electronic Cigarette Store will stock atomizers and other ecig accessories.  To make sure that this part is durable, you must ensure you buy the best quality. As a result, you should be careful when purchasing it.
  3. Battery- This is usually one of the major parts of the electronic cigarette. It works by powering the atomizer so that it can produce heat. Normally, the lithium battery is the best to operate the e cig. Furthermore, has a sensor, button, and has a cutoff knob. It also comes with an LED which is colored and an electric battery. It is rechargeable from the mains power, USB and car charger as well.

The electronic cigarette almost looks identical to the real tobacco cig. However, it has some unique features that make it attractive. For that, it has become very popular among smokers nowadays. You can purchase it from an electronic cigarette store near you , and it will be available  in various flavors such as menthol, vanilla, orange, cherry and apply. You can buy the auto version or manual. The e cigs are available in online stores; therefore, you should search the companies thoroughly in order to get a genuine product.   

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