Items You Can Recycle for Extra Cash

In today’s world, recycling is becoming not only more and more popular, but in fact necessary to help keep the environment in good shape. Like many people, you probably have a recycling bin in your home, where you toss plenty of things that find their way to the curb to be picked up. However, if you start looking a bit more closely at everything you’re recycling, you may be surprised to find you can actually make some extra cash with your recycling. As for what you can recycle for extra money, here are some items that may have you seeing dollar signs.

Cardboard Boxes

If you get plenty of stuff delivered to you on a regular basis, you’ve got lots of cardboard boxes piling up here and there. Believe it or not, you can make money by recycling these boxes. At online sites such as BoxCycle, you can list your cardboard boxes for sale. People who are moving are always looking for boxes they can use, making this a surprisingly lucrative source of recycling cash.

Old Jewelry

If you have some old jewelry taking up space in your drawers and other places, it too can be turned into cash via recycling. To find out how much you can earn, gather up your gold, silver, and other jewelry and take it to a jewelry shop, pawn shop, or another place that will pay you for the value of the metal.

Scrap Metal

While all metal has value, that does not mean all metal is automatically extremely valuable. Should you decide to recycle scrap metal, remember that ferrous metals are not as lucrative as non-ferrous metals. If you have metal that will allow a magnet to stick to it, it’s a ferrous metal. The most valuable non-ferrous metals are copper and brass, with most scrap yards paying high rates to obtain these metals.



Yes, if you have an old clunker that has seen better days, you can actually choose to recycle it for some quick money. If you live near an auto salvage yard, you can drive your car there or contact the business to have it picked up and hauled off. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you could make anywhere from $150-$1000 recycling your car.


Whether you decide to send your car to the recycling yard or instead opt to stick with recycling your aluminum cans, chances are you will soon have more extra money in your pocket than you ever thought possible.

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