4 Engineering Projects Structural Steel Is Good For

Structural steel is a strong form of steel that includes carbon and that is ideal for all different types of construction projects. Many engineers are a big fan of structural steel because of how durable and versatile it is. For example, these are some of the common projects that engineers often suggest using structural steel for.


When building pedestrian bridges or bridges over highways and roads, it’s important to make sure that bridges are as secure and safe as possible. This means that strong, durable building materials have to be used. Structural steel is commonly used for part or all of the construction of all sorts of bridges, from small pedestrian bridges in parks to enormous bridges that are ran over highways.

Parking Garages

Nowadays, parking garages are an ideal choice for providing parking outside of businesses, government buildings, hotels, event venues, stadiums, and much more. This is because they provide a lot of parking in a small space. Of course, in order to be safe to use, parking garages have to be properly built. This is why engineers are often involved in planning them. Engineers know that structural steel is a strong enough material that it can provide the necessary structural strength for multiple levels for parking garages. Therefore, structural steel fabrication, often along with concrete and other heavy-duty materials, is commonly used in parking garage construction.


When tunnels have to be built through ground or water, they have to be done properly. Otherwise, they can collapse, or there could be a leak that could allow water to seep into the tunnel. Obviously, these types of situations can be incredibly dangerous for anyone who might be walking or driving in the tunnel at the time. Because of this, engineers often work hard to come up with careful building plans for tunnels, and they often recommend strong, durable, and reliable materials like structural steel for their construction.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Lastly, many engineers recommend using structural steel to build commercial and industrial buildings. As you can probably imagine, commercial and industrial building projects can often be expensive because of all of the materials that are needed to get the job done. Structural steel is an affordable material and is often a good choice when a commercial or industrial building needs to be constructed affordably.

As you can see, structural steel is a great material for a wide variety of different engineering projects. If you need help with one of these projects, there is a good chance that an engineer will recommend structural steel to you, too.

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