What Is a Firearm Solvent Trap?

When it comes to firearms, knowing the ins and outs of what you’re dealing with should always be a top priority. With an ever-growing list of firearm accessories hitting the market, paying close attention to reviews and feedback on these products can help a consumer understand where to get the best of the best, and which offers may not pass the sniff test. Prior to doing some window shopping for your next solvent trap, though, you’ll need to ensure you understand some of the intricacies and nuances of making those purchases; it’s important to review what solvent traps are, and what they’re not.

What Are Solvent Traps?

A solvent is a mixture of chemicals used to clean the barrels, cylinders, and other areas of a gun from powder and metal that might be trapped inside. This is to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the weapon, as these bits of trapped metal or powder could begin to wear the mechanisms of your firearm down over time. The solvents can be made from a variety of chemicals, though they’re not hard to get a hold of. The important thing is that the chemicals you use will remove the powder, metal bits, or anything else that might be trapped inside the firearm. You could even use hydrogen peroxide, which can be found under most bathroom sinks. However, it is recommended that you use a quality brand in order to get the safest and most thorough cleaning you can.

At their core, solvent traps are a non-controversial product intended to be used to aid in the cleaning of your firearm barrel when either performing routine maintenance or cleaning your firearm after a day of shooting or hunting. These products attach to the end of the barrel of your weapon and are used – just as the name implies – to trap the cleaning solvents after they’ve done their job in cleaning out the various areas of your gun. Typically, solvent traps are made of a variety of high-quality, safe metals to assist in the reclamation of gun cleaning solvents.

How Are They Used?

While the exact instructions may differ based on what solvent trap manufacturer you’ve purchased from, for example, Solvent Traps Direct, the gist remains the same: attach the solvent trap onto the end of your barrel and pour your cleaner directly into it, precisely as you normally would clean your gun. The trap will help to keep the solution exactly where it needs to be, away from your hands (or mouth, or eyes) and inside of the barrel of your gun.

Why Are They Important?

Firearm solvent traps are key accessories for every gun owner. First, and most obviously, a clean gun is a happy gun. Most firearm owners understand the necessity of regular cleaning and maintenance of their guns. Those who do not are more than likely familiar with the repercussions of putting this off for too long – namely the buildup of residue in your barrel or the corrosion as bits of metal and powder wear down the inside of your gun can decrease the lifespan of your firearm and cause misfires and errant shots.

Furthermore, cleaning a gun is not always an owner’s favorite task. As a firearm owner, you’re likely familiar with the odor and potentially caustic chemicals involved in the process. Fortunately, firearm solvent traps do an excellent job of keeping these chemicals where they need to be, avoiding messy spills, and keeping odors to a minimum. Potentially best of all, these traps allow for the solvents to be reused, saving both the environment (via avoiding costly and inefficient disposal methods) and you the owner some money.


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