Foundation Repair and Signs You Need It

The foundation isn’t always the main feature of your house you may focus on as you spend time maintaining your property throughout the year, but sometimes it should be. Although the foundation is built to last for many decades, it can still suffer from issues that require repairs. Here are a few signs to look for to determine if you need foundation repair to restore the condition of your building.

Door Gaps

When issues develop in the foundation, it can cause different parts of the house to shift, meaning the house begins to literally pull itself apart. It’s common for door gaps to develop, making it challenging to close doors correctly without using a lot of strength and force. This issue can only be repaired by properly leveling the foundation so the house is able to come back together.


You can also start to experience similar issues with your windows as they become more difficult to open and close. Leveling the foundation will prevent the windows from sticking in the future.

Poor Water Drainage

If you notice there’s standing water or a lot of puddles present on the exterior of your property, there may be a foundation issue present. You may even notice cracks that are present on the inside and outside of your home due to soil that has expanded underneath due to the water that has accumulated.


There may also be cracks in the drywall, especially if you live in an area that is prone to high humidity levels. You can even look for any moisture that may be present in your crawlspace, along with a basement that is wet. If you discover the area smells musky, the foundation should immediately be inspected.

Separating Walls

The walls will start to separate from other parts of the house once foundation issues begin to develop and the house is pulled in different directions. You may begin to see gaps that form near the cupboards and different areas of the walls where fixtures no longer fit properly, much like the sticking doors and windows. You may also notice giant cracks forming in the walls themselves as the foundation pulls the house further and further apart. This gradually causes bowing to develop and requires professional pier and beam repair.

Uneven Floors

A foundation that needs repairs can also affect the quality of your floors. If you discover your floors are uneven or are starting to sag, it’s important to hire a professional to inspect the foundation.

Pests and Bugs

If there are a lot more pets and bugs that start making their way into your house, it can be due to the cracks and holes that have formed throughout the house including within the foundation. This invites pests such as centipedes, earwigs, cockroaches, and pillbugs since there are more openings for them to enter the house.


Understanding the signs of foundation issues can allow you to provide a higher level of care to your home and also address the foundational issues before they get too bad. With the help of a professional, it’ll be easier to maintain the building over time and repair it in a cost-effective manner.

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