How Much Farming Equipment Do You Need to Begin With?

Many people dream of buying acreage in the country and starting a farm but don’t know where to begin once they buy the land. How much farming equipment you need to begin with will depend on the size of the farm and the type of farm.


For smaller farms, a pickup might be all that is needed to get around. It has to be big enough to carry tools and other equipment. You will find a pickup truck to be the most versatile and needed piece of equipment on the farm for moving building supplies, tools, fencing, fertilizer, and much more.

A truck should also have a hitch for hauling. With a trailer hitch, you can move around larger loads than what fits in the bed, like crops, produce, or even horse and livestock trailers.


Depending on the size of your farm, you might decide to get a compact utility tractor or a utility terrain vehicle (UTV). They are great to get you from one end of your farm to another. They are smaller than a traditional tractor but have the power to do plenty of heavy-duty work. You can attach different types of farm equipment to the front and back, like a mulch finisher, mower, box blade, or bucket.

Essential Farming Equipment

Once you have the vehicles, you can concentrate on other essential farming equipment like seed drills and cultivators. They prepare the soil for planting and then plant the seeds in bulk. If you don’t have this farm equipment, you will have to plant the seeds by hand, which would be very labor intensive.

Box Blade and Rear Blades

A few of the jobs you will be able to do with the box blade include grading the land, terrace a field, level land, spreading dirt, and building paths across your property.

In addition to the box blade, you can get a rear blade. With the rear blade, you can level out the ground for planting vegetables, dig a ditch, grade and smooth the land and maintain roads.


The work on a farm can seem never-ending, and the more tools you have, the better equipped you will be to handle any chore. You will need power tools, drills, grinders, and saws. If you are more mechanically inclined, you might even have a small machine shop on your farm. A machine shop will enable you to repair much of your equipment.

Another indispensable tool is a post-hole digger. You will be happy that you invested in this tool. You will use the post hole digger to build fences to keep animals in or critters out, signposts, solar panel posts, and plant trees or shrubs.

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