4 Gardening Ideas for Your Backyard You May Not Have Thought Of

Your backyard has the potential to be anything you want it to be; it can be an oasis of peace or the center of activity for friends and family. From xeriscape to hardscape, let’s look at four ideas that can help bring your perfect backyard garden to life.

Xeriscaping and Native Plants

If you want a unique garden that is also extremely easy to care for, consider using native plants. Native plants are naturally adapted to your regional soil and climate, requiring minimal care.

Xeriscaping refers particularly to landscaping that requires minimal water, which is important in arid desert regions. You might think that xeriscaping doesn’t include trees, but you’d be wrong. In the low deserts of the Southwest, you can plant beautiful, green barked Palo Verde trees, as well as hardy mesquite trees. Palms of all types also thrive.

Rather than water-hungry grass, xeriscaping often includes boulders and rock aggregates of various sizes. It’s a way to create a natural oasis in your backyard garden.

Use a Concrete Aggregates Supplier for Hardscaping

If you want to use your backyard for barbecues, or a friendly game of basketball, hardscaping involves creating hard surfaces and structures in your yard. This includes patios, gazebos, basketball courts, or brick or stone barbecues and firepits. Hardscaping can also include retaining walls.

Hardscaping doesn’t just mean boring, gray concrete. Some companies, like Aggregate Products Co, know just how true this is. With a little imagination, you can create a hardscape using natural stone, red bricks, and even mosaics. The possibility to create a comfortable outdoor living space is nearly endless. A concrete aggregates supplier can help you with both your xeriscaping and hardscaping plans.

Water Features

A backyard pond combined with a vine-covered pergola creates a relaxing oasis to simply sit and enjoy nature. Once again, a concrete aggregates supplier will have the materials you need to create a beautiful, natural pond, from river rock to dramatic boulders. You can also create highly artistic water features, such as fountains using rock, glass, and metal.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Planting vegetables and fruit trees are not only rewarding but also creates a buffer against hard times. Even a small backyard vegetable garden can produce a surprising amount of food. Research the varieties that do well in your region, and plant a variety to fill your nutritional needs. For example, beans, lentils, and peanuts are high in protein, while sweet potatoes are storable and rich in vitamins.

If you can imagine it, you can probably build it in your backyard garden. All it will take is some time, work, and the right materials.

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