Money Out the Window: Why Drafty Homes Become Costly

If you’ve ever had to grab a sweater in your own home because you felt an unpleasant draft suddenly sweep into the living room, you aren’t alone. Many people are living in drafty homes and spending too much money to deal with these issues on a regular basis. Instead of continuing to watch money seep out of your bank account, learn the reasons why a drafty home could be leading to this problem.

Earlier Heater Season

You might remember putting the heat on for the first time much later in the season when you lived in a previous home. Differences in weather might not be the cause of this change. The problem could be that the drafts are making the house colder earlier in the season. Having to turn the heat on when temperatures have barely started to go down outside likely means that you’re spending too much money on heating.

More Pressure on the System

Your heating system also has to work harder to keep up if the house is drafty. The cold air coming from outside forces the heater to work at a higher intensity. You also likely need to keep the heat on higher for longer periods of time. For example, in a house without serious drafts, homeowners may choose to turn the temperature way down at night and program the temperature to come up early in the morning. If your house is drafty, turning the temperature too far down could mean that the system has to work overtime to catch up and keep you warm.

Temporary Solutions

Another issue is that you could be constantly spending money on temporary solutions. You might be purchasing extra clothing to wear in the house or stoppers to put under the door to try to prevent cold air from coming in. These solutions are only temporary though. Instead of continuing to spend money on failed attempts to block the cold air, consider how professionals like AAA Metal and Glass can make real changes that keep the house at a more comfortable temperature.

Regular Repairs and Replacements

The extra pressure on your home’s heating system might mean that you have to schedule costly repairs too frequently. Further, you may have to replace the extra clothes each season and continue to buy new stoppers for the doors as the old ones get worn down.

A drafty house is problematic in multiple ways. In addition to being chilly on the coldest days of the winter, you also constantly have to spend money to deal with the problem. Consider permanent solutions to have a more comfortable home and a robust bank account.

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