4 Tools for the Modern Rancher

Ranching is a profession that has been around in some form or fashion for thousands of years. One of the earlier things that separated human beings from the animal kingdom was the domestication of certain animals. Ranchers might use various animals for transportation, eggs, milk, and sources of meat. Modern ranching still helps feed many people or provide horses for different uses, just like always, but modern ranchers also have access to tools that haven’t existed for most of history.

Gardening Tools

Based on the specific livestock that you ranch, you might have a steady supply of meat, eggs, and milk. You might also be a long way from a grocery store, however. You don’t need a fully operating farm to set up a garden patch where you grow your own fresh fruit and veggies to feed yourself, your crew, and possibly even some of your livestock and animals.

Livestock Sorting Unit

A livestock sorting unit makes it very easy to group and segregate your cattle anytime that you need to do that. Useful for cows, horses, and other large animals, you can put them in distinct pens with specific group sizes. Do so to keep a herd organized and under control or to process them before and after transport via truck.

Satellite Phone

Depending on the size and location of your ranch, you might have a lot of terrain to cover. The further out you get, the less likely it is that you will have a wireless signal. A satellite phone should have a clear signal anytime you can look up and see the sky, day or night. Having access to constant communication can solve a lot of problems and prevent many more.

Pickup Truck

Most ranches need at least one heavy-duty pickup truck. It can be very useful for carrying heavy loads of big things in and out of the ranch. You might also just use it for doing that on the ranch. At a minimum, you might need it to tow horse trailers and big pieces of equipment.


Many people in the modern world just take farmers and ranchers for granted, if they think about them at all. While 90% of Americans live in urban areas, it’s also true that 90% of the resources necessary for sustaining modern life come from rural areas. Modern ranchers working in such places use surprisingly contemporary tools to get their work done.

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