Familial Factors to Consider When Getting a Divorce

The decision to get divorced is often a challenging one for couples to make. In some situations, both members of the partnership still love one another but recognize that they are not the right romantic match. In the midst of this emotional stress and turmoil, you might forget about some other important factors to consider.

Living Situation

If the two of you own property together, it’s best to reconsider current living arrangements. In rare instances, couples will continue living in the same house, with one member of the pair renting out a basement apartment or another part of the home. This decision is one that can be emotionally challenging, so do proceed with caution. Major common approaches involve selling the house and both individuals moving out or one person buying out the other.


One of the most challenging situations to navigate when it comes to divorce involves children. Parents have to decide what the custody arrangements will be. Some couples do try to reach a conclusion without legal assistance; however, speaking with a child custody lawyer can be helpful in figuring out the details even when the couple is in agreement with one another. In many situations, children will go back and forth between their parents’ homes. However, when a child’s parents live far away from each other, further legal discussion may be necessary.


Couples also have to decide where their pets are going to live. If one member of the couple initially owned the pet before the relationship began, the animal will typically continue to live with that individual. In other situations, one member of the couple might be moving into a building or home that doesn’t allow pets, so the animal will stay with the other individual. Keep in mind that surrendering a pet to a shelter due to divorce is not advised as the animal’s wellbeing could be compromised.

Other Joint Property

Couples will also have to decide what to do with any other joint property, such as cars, boats, or vacation houses. Sometimes, the best option is to simply sell the property and split the money. In other scenarios, getting rid of a car when one person needs to commute to work daily in that vehicle is a move that doesn’t make sense. Couples can decide how to proceed independently or work with a lawyer to figure out the best approach.

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience. In order to maintain control over the situation as best as possible, know what factors to consider.

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