How to Choose the Right Ammunition for Your Firearm

Are you a new gun owner looking to buy some ammunition? If yes, then you are in the right place. While there are many types of ammunition, choosing the right one for your gun isn’t an easy task. But since the type of ammo brings a difference to the gun’s performance, it’s better to get it right in the first place. Note that if you use incorrect ammunition on your gun, it can explode and cause injuries to you and close bystanders. Read on to know how to choose the right ammunition for your firearm.

Know Your Caliber

the first step to choosing the right ammunition for your gun is knowing your caliber. As a general rule of thumb, never use caliber ammo on the unintended firearm. The repercussion can be dire. Therefore, take your time to check the type of caliber. Usually, it will be inscribed on the firearm or written in the manufacturer’s box of ammo. If you have a 9mm firearm, then you’ll need a 9mm ammunition for good results.

Know Your Intentions

The other important tip to consider before choosing ammo is its intent. Since different ammo shells work differently, it’s wise that you choose one that will serve your full interest. For example, if you want ammo for self-defense, then those with hollow-point bullets will serve you best. However, if you want target shooting or training, then the range ammo will be your best choice. Similarly, hunting enthusiasts will prefer ammo that is good at aiming and powerful enough to penetrate the animal’s skin.

Consider +P Or +P+ And Magnum

Ammunitions can as well be labeled as +P or +P+. +P, or 9mm+P, is over-pressurized ammo that is specifically designed for personal defense. They are powerful and move faster to give you the shooting advantage over your rival. Magnum ammunitions also work in the same fashion. They also have extra powder and a .38 special cartridge to provide the bullet with a higher velocity. However, before using this ammo, head out to the field and test its recoil.

Grain Weight

The grain weight simply refers to the weight of the bullet. Usually, this weight plays a role in the speed of your bullet upon firing. For instance, if you fire a low-weighted bullet, it will travel much faster and further. However, if you want a heavy impact over a short distance, then the heavy grain ammo will be preferred.

Final Thoughts

Matching your firearm with the correct ammunition can be difficult, especially if you are new to guns. However, if you want to be a successful gun owner, you must select the right ammo. Otherwise, you risk compromising your safety and that of bystanders.

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