How To Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer camp can be something your child really looks forward to. Then again, they might be terrified of being separated from you for that time, whether it’s a day camp or being away 24/7. In truth, many children wind up feeling both at some point or even at the same time. They can get used to it though, especially if you know how to find the right summer camp for your child.

Set Your Own Expectations

While it can be useful to ask your child what kind of summer camp they’d like to go to, it’s ultimately your decision. Decide what matters to you. This can include factors such as cost, distance, length of the camp session, and what kind of activities there are for kids. Are you looking for a place where your kid can grow as a person? Or do you just need someone to take your child off your hands for a while? Either is fine, but you can find summer camps that do both.

Start Filtering

An online search will show you plenty of options about local summer camps you might use. It’s a good idea to go to websites listed for each of these to see what kind of content they offer, what weeks they are available, and how much they cost. You’ll start marking some of them off immediately just based on whether they fit your needs or not, but you’ll also start seeing some that look better than others. Make a list of each camp with the pros and cons so your decision is easier.

Look Hard at the Staff

Instructors and counselors at summer camps are going to play two crucial roles in how things go for your child. First, they’ll be personally responsible for the wellness and safety of your child while in summer camp. Second, they’ll matter a great deal in how everything goes for your kid in terms of the content. Make sure they are qualified for the camp genre you choose, be it traditional, art, academic, or anything else.


Trying to find the right summer camp for your child can actually be kind of stressful, given how many different factors you need to incorporate into your decision-making process. Give it your best effort without spending too much time agonizing over it, though. There are many great camps out there, and most of them can be places your child winds up remembering fondly years and even decades after the fact.

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