4 Unique Industrial Machines and Their Uses

As technology has become more and more important in all types of industries, it has led to the creation of many unique types of machinery. Whether it is in the automotive industry, construction, or other fields, there is almost nothing that cannot be done today thanks to mechanical innovation and creativity. If you are curious about what are the most unique industrial machines and their uses, here are four that are sure to make you wonder what’s next.

YAG Laser

Emitting very high energy and a narrow beam of powerful light, the YAG laser is very popular for use in machine shops around the world. Used most often for cutting highly detailed patterns into steel, it is used mostly on types of metal that have very high surface finishes. Depending on the task for which it is used, the YAG laser can easily melt, burn, or even vaporize metal.

AI Robots

While robotic technology has been used in many different industries since the 1960s, today’s robots rely on AI to perform numerous functions. Within the furniture, appliance, and automotive industries, robots not only apply coatings such as paint, metal particles, and enamel, but also perform many assembly processes. In fact, AI robots can often outperform humans when doing the same or similar tasks.

Steam Generator

When a steam generator is used, it is able to convert almost 100% of the water that passes through it to steam energy. Equipped with automatic safety controls that allow it to shut off if its water supply drops too low, these pieces of equipment can operate virtually 24/7 with little to no chance of overheating. Popular uses for steam generators include vessel heating, such as on a large boat, auxiliary heating for heat pumps, and various sterilization and distillation procedures in breweries.

Walking Harvester

Used in the logging industry, the walking harvester looks like something out of a science-fiction movie. Built to look like a combo bulldozer/chain saw, it has six legs that allow it to walk in any direction. Particularly useful on softer ground, the walking harvester has had a limited manufacturing life, yet is still used for many types of logging operations.

Whether it is a robot being used to help create a state-of-the-art refrigerator, a steam generator that helps to power a cruise ship, or a laser that is used to burn a unique design into a large piece of steel, it is clear that modern technology still holds many surprises in terms of industrial machinery.

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