What Records Should You Keep After a Semi-Truck Accident?

When you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck, it is likely you came away with very serious injuries. However, you should not assume this automatically means you will be compensated for your injuries by the trucking company and its insurance company. In fact, the company and its insurer will likely do everything possible to deny you the compensation needed to replace your lost income, pay your medical bills, and help ease your pain and suffering. To come out a winner in your lawsuit, here are some records you should always keep after a semi-truck accident.

Medical Records

First of all, always get medical treatment as quickly as possible after your accident. This should include allowing paramedics to treat you at the accident scene, and also letting yourself be transported to a hospital for additional evaluation. Once you have received medical treatment, always have copies of your medical records to prove the extent of your injuries.

Police Report

Whenever a big rig is involved in a traffic accident, police are called to the scene to investigate the crash. When they do, they are required to file an accident report. This report will not only contain details of the crash as well as witness statements, but also a preliminary determination by police as to who was responsible for the accident. By having a copy of this report, an attorney from a firm, like Brooks Law Group, can use the information to build a stronger case on your behalf.

Truck Maintenance Records

When semi-truck accidents take place, it is often found that the truck itself may have had multiple maintenance issues. This can include having worn-out brakes, bad tires, or other problems that could have contributed to the accident. Although a trucking company will be hesitant to hand over these records, your attorney can file the paperwork needed to gain access to this critical information.

Driver Logs

Since there are rules as to how long semi-truck drivers can be behind the wheel without having to stop and rest, it is crucial you and your attorney work to obtain the driver’s logbook. By doing so, your attorney may be able to find the driver violated certain rules, making it easier to prove the driver either fell asleep at the wheel or was so groggy that they were unable to make good decisions while on the road.

Since it is sometimes the slightest of details that ultimately helps semi-truck accident victims win their cases, don’t take anything for granted. Instead, work with your attorney to obtain these records so that you can be awarded maximum financial compensation.

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