5 Items in Your Home You Should Keep in a Safe

You have dozens of precious items in your home that you don’t want to lose, and it is worth the effort to ensure you are the only one with access to them. They may either be sentimental items or valuable documents. Whatever the case, you don’t want uninvited individuals to discover your valuables or use items to which you have a personal attachment. Here are five items in your home that you should keep in a safe.

Precious Jewelry

Some people might feel uneasy about leaving their precious jewelry out of a safe. It could make you more of a target for thieves. If your jewelry has sentimental value, you will want to make sure it is kept in a safe to protect it from burglars or a fire. 

Valuable Documents

There are many types of valuable documents you shouldn’t leave exposed, including photos that have significant sentimental value and copies of tax returns, birth certificates, and marriage licenses. Your most valuable document may be a copy of your will. If it is stolen, you may never be able to prove who owns it. Documents are vulnerable to fire, water, and theft, so placing them in a safe is smart.


The loss or theft of cash can cause financial hardship, so it is highly recommended that you keep your cash in a safe. A safe lock is one of the most secure ways to keep cash safe from the elements and theft. Look for a quality safe if you are using it to store cash. 

Important Documents

Your important documents should remain safe and not loose in a drawer. An important document can be your passport, birth certificate, or marriage license. Keep all these documents in a folder within a safe for easy access. 


If you have guns in your home, then they need to be kept in a safe. This is especially important if you have young kids that might be able to access them. Keep your safe in a hidden, yet accessible area in your home. If you need a high-quality gun safe, shop around at companies like Safe & Knife Co.

Keeping your valuable items safe from thieves and natural disasters is important. Remember to keep the above items in a safe at all times for extra protection. Make sure you are always playing it safe when it comes to securing your belongings. 


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