Why Small Cracks in Your Car Windows Are Dangerous

As you get into your car to go to work or elsewhere, you may notice a small crack in your vehicle’s windshield or one of its windows. Since the crack is small, you may think it is no big deal and head off to your destination. However, this is the wrong approach to take with cracks in your car’s windows. In fact, even small cracks can be dangerous. If you’re wondering how, keep these tips in mind.

Obstructing Your Vision

Whether you have small cracks in the front windshield or elsewhere, your vision will be obstructed to varying degrees by small cracks. Unfortunately, humans tend to focus on little imperfections such as these when driving, making a risky situation even more dangerous. Also, small cracks can reflect light from the sun and street lights in unusual ways, creating blinding glares when you are behind the wheel.

Small Cracks Can Spread

The more you drive your car when it has a small crack in its glass, the greater the likelihood the small crack will spread and eventually turn into multiple large cracks. Should this happen, you will be looking at a total windshield replacement. However, before you get the replacement, you will probably be unable to drive your car due to the damage.

Lowers Your Car’s Structural Integrity

Contrary to what you may think, your car’s windows play a large role in keeping your car’s structural integrity at its highest levels. In fact, most vehicles today are designed so that the windshield and other windows provide high levels of protection in the event you are involved in a rollover accident or front-end collision. Remember, if you are involved in a high-impact accident, your car’s windshield and windows may be what ultimately keep you inside your vehicle, instead of being ejected upon impact.

Unexpected Shattering

As you drive down the highway, your car’s glass absorbs tremendous amounts of pressure. Should the glass be compromised by even a small crack, this creates a weak spot within the glass. Over time, this spot gets weaker and weaker. Thus, you may be driving down the road one day and suddenly find your car’s windows shattering, sending glass and other debris directly into your eyes and face. If this happens, the results could be catastrophic.

Since it is likely your auto insurance company will cover the costs of repairing or replacing cracked windows, don’t take unnecessary chances by continuing to drive around with damaged windows. Instead, protect yourself and your passengers by getting your car windows fixed right away.

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