How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Air Conditioning Ducts?

When it comes to your air conditioning ducts, keeping them clean is essential. If you’re not sure how often to clean your air ducts, there are ways to test your ducts for airflow and blockages. Keep reading to learn more about how often you need to clean your air conditioning ducts.

Signs of a Dirty Air Duct

If a home has a central air conditioner, it will most likely have one or more air ducts running through it. If these aren’t cleaned regularly, they can become clogged with dust and debris. When enough dirt collects on an AC unit’s cooling fins, heat may not transfer effectively between the fins and your house. Your dirty ducts can also be breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.

Cost of Having Your AC Ducts Cleaned

Cleaning your AC ducts can cost between $30 and $300 based on your AC system size. While professional cleaning may be expensive upfront, it is better than doing it on your own. With the help of a professional that’s experienced with ducted air conditioning, you’ll be able to give your system a thorough cleaning that will keep your house cool and comfortable.

Benefits of Professional AC Duct Cleaning

Getting professional AC duct cleaning can save you money and could even extend the life of your unit. Many people think they don’t need to get their heating and cooling system professionally cleaned because it is working fine. However, having an expert give your HVAC system a good cleaning might be all that is needed for it to run efficiently and save you money on utility bills.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning ducts are beyond repair, it’s best to replace the unit. This is especially true if your AC ducts haven’t been cleaned in years. If you’re on the hunt for a new unit, be sure that your purchase is worth the investment. Additionally, make sure your AC replacement is energy efficient, so you can save some cash on utility bills in addition to getting a more comfortable environment for friends and family.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should clean your air conditioning ducts, remember that the cleaner your ducts, the better you’ll breathe. Keep this guide in mind as you learn more about maintaining your air conditioning system.

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