How to Make Your Business Visible From The Street

How to Make Your Business Visible From The Street

Building a clientele for your new business is no easy feat. While many tend to rely on online marketing, it’s important that potential customers can find you in the real world as well. If you’re trying to attract new customers to your business, you’ll want to make sure that passersby can actually see it from the street. This includes using better lighting, adding more signage, and any other creative ideas that will bring more eyes to your store. Here are four ways you can make your business more visible from the street.

Put Your Address Number on Your Window

Address numbers on businesses are an essential element of neighborhood identity. Positioning your address number at eye level will ensure that passersby can easily see it. Additionally, you might want to consider placing a small sign above or below your window stating your full address as well.

Enhance Exterior Lighting

The first thing potential customers will notice when they walk by your business is its exterior. Make sure it’s inviting with spotlights and well-lit signs, especially during the night. Consider installing an LED sign from a retailer like Lightbox Shop to make sure the name of your business is clearly visible during the day and at night.

Add Colorful Signage

Don’t ignore the power of color when it comes to your company’s signage. Use colors, fonts, and sizes that reflect your brand’s personality to draw the attention of passersby. If you have a nontraditional business where customers won’t always know what you do just by seeing a sign, include some more information about your brand as well.

Hire Someone to Hold a Sign

If you want to make your business more visible from the street, consider hiring someone to hold a sign. While it might seem like a little extra effort and money on your part, sometimes spending a few dollars can make all of the difference when it comes to getting your brand in front of new eyes. Hiring a sign spinner is an effective and relatively cheap way to bring new people into your store.

When you’re running your own store, it can be easy to lose focus on little things like street visibility that can make or break your business over time. Make sure that your business stands out to those that are passing by, so they’ll have no choice but to stop by and check out what you have to offer. Keep these tips in mind as you brainstorm new ideas for enhanced visibility.

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