Reviving An Old Office Building? Upgrades You'll Need to Make

Reviving An Old Office Building? Upgrades You’ll Need to Make

If you’re planning on redeveloping an old office building, you might want to consider upgrading some of the original features. While you’ll need to look closely at the previous tenant’s plans, you can still make improvements to make the building more user-friendly and attractive. Here are some things you need to consider when looking to revamp an old office building.

Get to Know Your Office Building

This will help you identify any issues and any maintenance requirements you’ll need to keep your building in tip-top shape. Once you realize the ins and outs of the building, you’ll be better equipped to decide what needs to go. It’s important to schedule a thorough building inspection by a professional before you even start moving in. This will help you identify each area that needs to be improved. 

Know Your Lease Terms

When re-entering an existing building, it’s essential to know your lease terms. If you don’t feel comfortable looking through the pages for loopholes, a legal consultant can also help you with this. Once you know your lease terms, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate for better times when you’re ready to sign.

Determine What Will Stimulate New Business

Making the most of your renovation includes ways that will stimulate new business. One great way to do this is by having ways that bring in leads and new customers. Signs should encourage people to stop in and talk to you. There should be information kiosks along the walls that encourage people to contact you if they have questions or concerns. Make your building as accessible as possible so that people with disabilities can easily find you. Making the design and decor of your office will also attract high-quality employees. They will be more drawn to your business as a whole because of it. 

Set Up a Visible Brand

Branding is a vital feature of any business, and it’s essential in the real estate industry since so many people buy and sell properties. You can use branding to your advantage when adapting an old office building for new use. By making your building as recognizable as possible, you’ll create a more pleasant environment for your tenants. Plus, people who work in your facility will be more likely to use your services, ultimately resulting in more business for your business.

Incorporate Smartphones Into Reusable Stickers

If you’re considering making the most of a renovation, it’s essential to look closely at what’s happening on the ground. Through smartphones and apps, it’s now possible to embed stickers in almost anything. Think of all the possibilities this provides re-usable signs, digital “stickers,” and even a way for people to report issues and problems with your building without going inside.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

If you have an old office building that you plan to use as a storage facility, you may consider looking into commercial air conditioning repair. This is an excellent option if you have a history of unreliable air conditioning and maintenance issues. If you work in a hot and humid environment, you may consider this option.

Reviving an old office building can be a rewarding experience. You’ll probably have more success if you prepare for the revisions ahead of time and take the decisive steps to make your project a success. Make sure to get to know your office building and have a vision for the space. Incorporate ways that engage and stimulate visitors. And most importantly, have fun in your building while you’re at it.

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