How to Prevent Plumbing Pains When Food Blocks Your Drains

How to Prevent Plumbing Pains When Food Blocks Your Drains

Problems with drains around the home are common, and some are more costly than others. However, despite typical usage throughout the years, most of these plumbing pains are preventable with proper care and keeping systems well-maintained. Knowing the top causes of clogged drains, such as food and other issues can help you combat them. In the event that the drains are blocked by food, there are plenty of repair methods to keep your plumbing working correctly. 

Avoid Grease 

A common cause of clogged drains is grease. To avoid plumbing problems, it would be best to refrain from pouring leftover cooking grease down your sink. Although the substance may not cause an immediate issue, the oils will bond with other solids you put down the drain which can cause blockage over time. Some ways to dispose of grease include collecting the oils in a large container and throwing it away once the grease has solidified. 

Never Toss Bones Down the Sink 

One of the top causes of clogged drains is meat bones. Whether you’re disposing of chicken, steak, or turkey bones, keep them out of the sink. Instead, toss the bones outdoors in the trash. Regardless of how you choose to get rid of them, discarding the bones down the garbage disposal will lead to blocked drains and significant plumbing pain. 

Use the Compost Heap 

Although the garbage disposal is there to break down food scraps, it would be an excellent idea to utilize a compost heap as often as possible. Too much food is often the cause of blocked drains, especially larger pieces of food. The wear and tear could increase plumbing pains when the disposal is overused, as opposed to the compost heap. Therefore, try to throw leftover food in the garbage when possible.  

Be Mindful of Your Garbage Disposal 

Using this device is not off-limits, but it can block drains when operated incorrectly. All household members should know how to use the garbage disposal, especially if they utilize it often. Some of the top foods and beverages to avoid tossing down the drain include coffee beans, eggshells, pasta, vegetable peels, rice, and various fibrous fruits. It would also be an excellent idea to rinse the drain with hot water after using the garbage disposal to help the food and other small particles run down properly without causing clogging. Always make sure that the silverware in your sink is cleared out to avoid obstructing your garbage disposal and causing it to malfunction. 

When dealing with plumbing pains, many are preventable, including drainage blockage caused by food. Therefore, it would be beneficial to use some of the tips mentioned above and recommendations from professionals. 

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