Items to Offer In Your Bistro and Where to Source Them

Items to Offer In Your Bistro and Where to Source Them

When you’re opening up a bistro, one of the main concerns involves getting people through the front doors. The desire to attract a consistent flow of satisfied customers is usually strong. However, if you make sure your food is excellent, the work will speak for itself. In addition to providing excellent food, it’s also important to source from the best places. In order to do both in an efficient manner, consider the following tips.

Water, Tea, or Coffee

Nowadays, most people love and prefer bottled water. It’s really easy to travel with as well. Knowing this, visit your local restaurant depot in order to secure large quantities of bottled water. You can put them on display in a really eye-catching way.

One of the most unique ways to source your tea is by partnering with a local gardener who grows the ingredients. Secure large quantities of herbs such as chamomile, mint, and hibiscus. When a customer orders a cup of tea, simply boil and steep the mixture of herbs. With custom teas that are made in-house, you’ll create a unique experience for the customers.

Coffee is universally beloved. Search for vendors who are making a positive impact within the coffee industry. If a company provides ethically-sourced coffee beans at a reasonable price point, use them as your source. From that point, grind and make the coffee drinks and lattes in-house.

Soups, Salads, or Sandwiches

Soups, salads, and sandwiches are pretty easy to make. They’re also really easy to prepare in advance. At many bistros, there features a soup of the day (soup de jour) or a soup of the week. With any soup or salad, it’s also great to include a roll or another type of bread. Whether it’s a french baguette loaf or a sourdough roll, find a great baker who can provide high-quality bread at a reasonable price.

Pre-Packaged Snacks

Pre-packaged snacks are easy to source from a restaurant depot or a big-box retailer. Items like kettle chips go well with a sub sandwich. In addition to an array of chips and pretzels, provide healthier options such as nuts, granola, and yogurt.


Sometimes, a person just wants to come into a bistro or a cozy cafe setting to read a book. They might not want a sandwich or a full meal. Instead, they might just want a delightful slice of strawberry cheesecake and a cup of tea. Hire an in-house pastry chef to manage the preparation of the cookies, cakes, and sweet treats your bistro serves each day.

As you provide an array of options, pay attention to the items your customers gravitate towards. Look at the items that are the most popular. Keep them on the menu, and improve the menu over the long haul. Before long, you’ll fine-tune your system of the foods that work and how to find them at the best prices.

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