Repair or Replace: Tips For Extending Your Tablet's Lifespan

Repair or Replace: Tips For Extending Your Tablet’s Lifespan

Extending the life of your tablet can allow you to continue to use it in a variety of ways. From being able to watch your favorite movie to answering last-minute emails at a moment’s notice, keeping your tablet in excellent condition will serve as a practical investment. But when you go to use your tablet and find that the battery is almost entirely depleted within just a few minutes, it can be highly frustrating. 

It is never convenient to have a drained tablet battery, a cracked screen, or any other issue that can hinder a tablet. That’s why it’s important to follow these tips to extend the lifespan of your tablet. 

Turn off Your Location Services 

One of the easiest ways to extend the lifespan of your battery is to turn off applications or features that drain your battery. One of these apps is the location services feature. If this is not an essential feature for you, turn it off as it will extend the life of your battery. Disabling tablet features that you rarely use will allow your device to prioritize its power usage more optimally. 

Lower Screen Brightness 

If the screen on your tablet is bright, it will drain the battery much faster. If possible, keep the screen brightness low. You can adjust the brightness by swiping down from the top of the screen. The settings menu also allows you to adjust the automatic screen brightness. 

Avoid Breakage 

Cracked screens make navigating on the tablet uncomfortable, but more than that, cracked or broken screens allow dust and dirt to seep through the cracks. This dust and dirt can affect the performance of the tablet. One accidental drop of your device can cause your tablet and smartphone screens to crack. However, this type of accident is easily avoidable. You can protect your device screens with a case. Installing tempered glass screen protectors will also be a cheap solution to the problem. In the event that your tablet screen has been damaged beyond the point of repair, it is important to find a service that offers iPad screen replacement as soon as possible as it will prevent further damage. Replacing the screen will prevent the device’s internal components from being damaged in the future. 

Protect From Virus and Malware 

The majority of tablets are susceptible to various types of harmful software, including viruses, Trojans, and worms. A virus protection program can help protect data on a tablet. When it comes to protecting against viruses, prevention is key; anti-malware software that can stop malware even before it enters your system. 

Just as with other things you own that are fragile, you want to protect your delicate equipment, so be sure to carry your tablet appropriately and maintain it when necessary. By taking a few precautions, your electronics will be able to last longer and function more efficiently. 

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