5 Of The Best Accessories For Your Firearm

5 Of The Best Accessories For Your Firearm

Today, owning a firearm is akin to having a hobby; it is essential. Everyone has a reason to own a gun. From media and social media influence to recreation and protection purposes, gun ownership is on the rise. But amidst all the gun ownership frenzy, little is talked about the various gun accessories available.

Gun accessories come with several advantages. They improve your shooting accuracy and make the shooting experience more enjoyable. They are also very comfortable and provide good storage for your ammo. Below are five firearm accessories that you should consider getting.

Laser Trainers and Targets

You can only improve your gun skills by regularly practicing at a shooting range. However, if you don’t have access to one, you can use laser trainers and targets to train conveniently at any time or place. They are also very pocket-friendly and practical, especially to beginners. Many beginners are not financially able to visit a shooting range regularly. Laser trainers are a good alternative as they can be easily installed and operated at home.


Handgun magnets are a game-changer. They provide a means to safely store your handgun without occupying too much space on your cupboards. Handgun magnets are easy to set up and do not cost an arm to buy. A neodymium rare-earth magnet is strong enough to handle a 14-pound pistol. The accessory may be accompanied by a black polymer housing that is weather resistant. Because of its durability, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The type of magnet you select will determine how you set it up. Typically, wood screws, metal screws, and adhesives are used to fasten the magnet.


Multi-tools are also essential accessories. Many serious shooters have a military tool. Multi-tool features include a cleaning rod, brush adapters, and a bolt override tool. Choose a suitable size but make sure that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty in case something happens. A good gun optics accessories selection should include multi-tools.

Sticky Holsters

Many sticky holsters look like advanced pocket rigs. They have a waistband that holds them in a position close to your body. It does away with the need for heavy clips to keep your gun in place. Its closed-end structure helps prevent your clothes from being dirtied with gun lubricants. Furthermore, the holsters are adaptable to your clothing requirements.

Gun Safes

A gun safe is one of the gun accessories many people are synonymous with. Gun safes help you store your ammunition, leaving your home storage free for other important items. An ideal gun safe should at least be able to keep different ammunition and be fireproof.

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