7 Tips For Caring For Elderly Parents Who Experience Urinary Incontinence

7 Tips For Caring For Elderly Parents Who Experience Urinary Incontinence

It’s not easy having aging parents with urinary incontinence issues, but there are many ways to make this transition easier for both your parents and you. Here are seven great tips to enable you to take better care of your parents and yourself.

Talk to the Professionals

Of course, the first thing to do is consult their doctor and any specialists they may require. The good thing about doctors is that there are very few things they haven’t experienced, and they have great advice on how to make this easier on you. You can also get a physical examination done on your parents to see if this problem is treatable. Do this for all new cases of bladder or bowel problems. There could be a fixable underlying medical condition.

Bring a Tote Bag

Many parents with this issue can still move around and have a routine. That’s why it’s good to pack a tote bag for cases of emergency accidents. Pack it with supplies like incontinence pads, wipes, and a change of clothes. You can also put personal items in the tote bag if needed. The essentials should also be readily accessible for these kinds of situations. Keeping a tote bag on hand will make a big difference for you when caring for your parents every day. It will definitely  lessen the likelihood of potential problems arising. 

Accept Help

One of the hardest things about this situation is managing your parents and your own mental and physical well-being. Incontinence can be a stressful issue for both parties, so be sure to accept help if someone you trust offers it. This responsibility doesn’t just have to fall on you. When caring for others, you need to accept help when it’s offered. No one can do these kinds of things all by themselves, so be sure to let others assist when the need arises and it is appropriate. When you are feeling overwhelmed you will be glad that you at least asked for help when it was offered. 

Adopt a Professional Tone

Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing issue for many elderly parents. They’re not used to having a lack of control over something that used to be so fundamental, so it’s vital to find ways to talk about accidents without humiliating them. When incidents of urinary incontinence happen, use a professional tone of voice to make it feel more like an average medical issue.

Be Strict About Their Diet

For many patients, the things they eat and drink matter. Plenty of foods and drinks may worsen incontinence issues, so it’s best to monitor their diet and test out which substances are best for them. You will probably want to lessen caffeine consumption, as well as chocolate or spicy foods. These can all make bladder or bowel issues worse. Try making bland foods for your incontinent parents, that way, they will have an easier time digesting them and will have less likelihood of having accidents.

Buy Some New Clothes

Start transitioning your parents into wearing more comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and remove. Sometimes you can prevent accidents by getting them to a bathroom quickly. In those cases, it’s crucial to have more accessible clothes. When buying these new clothes make sure they can be removed easily in the case of a bathroom emergency. Sports pants that are made to come off are a solid choice for this sort of need. 

Waterproof What You Can

Make your life better and get a waterproof mattress for your bed. Waterproof mattresses make it so much simpler to clean up after any accidents. You can even get a waterproof sofa and chairs as well. Finding ways to make things like car seats easier to clean up will remove a lot of difficulty in your future. Doing these things will make for less stress when caring for your incontinent parents. Caregiving is not easy, so be sure to be patient and kind no matter what happens. After all, these are your parents you are taking care of.  Remember that giving care to the elderly is a challenge, and there will be unpleasant messes you will have to clean up. These are a few things to keep in mind before jumping in.

Caring for your elderly parents with incontinence issues is indeed harrowing. It is hard emotionally and physically for both you and your parents, but hopefully, these seven tips will help make your lives much more comfortable.

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