Home Preparations and Updates That Could Protect Your Family In A Emergency Situation

Home Preparations and Updates That Could Protect Your Family In A Emergency Situation

From extreme weather to social upheaval, we are living in unprecedented times. This is a huge topic, but, let’s go over a few preparedness basics. Even doing a minimal amount of prepping could keep you safe, warm, and fed.

Stockpile Food and Water

Keep your shelves stocked with at least a week or two worth of nutritious, nonperishable food. This does not include cheap ramen noodles, you’ll need healthy food. Brown rice, beans, and lentils can be kept for years, as can canned and dried fruits and vegetables. Include cans of tuna, salmon, chicken, egg powder, and jars of peanut butter for protein. You can rotate the older items out for daily use, but replace them as soon as possible.

Water is also important. People need at least one gallon of water per day, and you should store enough for your family for several days. While you can buy bottled water at the store, a better solution is to get 5-gallon water containers that can be stacked. These can be filled and stored. If you know of an incoming storm that could affect the municipal water supply, fill the bathtub or a collapsible water bladder.

Prevent Flooding

If you live in an area subject to flooding, have sandbags or a sandbag alternative, such as a plastic flood barrier, ready. Houses in a hurricane zone need storm shutters, and if you live in a tornado alley, set up a storm cellar. Know the type of extreme weather your region can have, and prepare for it.

Install a Generator

Having a gas or diesel generator installed will keep your home up and running if the electrical grid goes down. However, the type of portable generator used by contractors or for camping should never, ever be used indoors. The fumes can quickly be incredibly hazardous to everyone in your home. That’s why home generator installation is crucial. The generator will sit alongside your home, ready for action. Of course, you’ll also need to keep a fresh supply of gas or diesel fuel nearby to power it.

Get Medical Supplies

You’ll also need to keep the medicine cabinet filled with first aid supplies, over-the-counter remedies, and prescription medications. Also, take a first aid and CPR class if you can. Someone’s life may depend on it.

It’s also a good idea to prepare your vehicle. Keep blankets, appropriate clothing, food, water, and emergency flares in your car.

If you’re not already prepared, the time to start doing so is now. Disaster could strike at any time, and it’s important that your family is ready for it.

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