5 Main Differences Between Cigarettes and Cigars

5 Main Differences Between Cigarettes and Cigars

Smoking cigarettes and smoking cigars are two very different experiences. They produce different reactions, have different risks, and are associated with different social groups. Here are five main differences between cigarettes and cigars.

The Tobacco

Cigars use an entirely different type of tobacco than cigarettes do. Cigar tobacco is generally not pesticide-treated, contains more natural oils, and is fermented longer than cigarette tobacco, making it less harsh. If you have ever wondered why cigars often taste sweeter, this is why.

Size and Shape

Cigars tend to be a little fatter than cigarettes, and once you have smoked one down to the band, you are meant to leave the band on until you are done smoking it. That way, you can never go wrong about its size. Online Cigar Shop has an excellent cigar sampler that allows you to find the perfect cigar for you at a price that any other site cannot beat and with some of the best customer services I have experienced.

The Smoke

Cigars will produce smoke that is a little thicker and denser than cigarette smoke. Because cigars’ tobacco is stronger, its smoke tends to last longer. The smoke from a cigar can linger in the air for much longer than the smoke from a cigarette, which is why many people who are trying to quit smoking gravitate towards cigars if they want to stop inhaling cigarette smoke.

The Flavors

Cigars have far more flavor in their blends than cigarettes do. Even if you have smoked only one cigar, you will notice a difference compared to cigarettes. Cigars will produce more distinct tobacco flavors, such as cedar and leather. These are normally paired with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, which have cocoa and spice flavors.

The Smell

Cigars have a more robust smell, which many people notice once they start to smoke cigars. Cigar smoke tends to be stronger than cigarette smoke, which also has a sweet smell. While cigars smell nice, they have a stronger odor, and they stick to the smoker’s clothing after smoking. Smokers trying to quit smoking often complain about smelling like cigar smoke.


If you have been thinking about trying cigars, you should know those smoking cigarettes will be an entirely different experience. You may still enjoy the same tobacco flavors, but it tends to burn longer, produces more smoke, and has a stronger smell and taste.

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