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5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Brand New Outside

Having a lovely home makes it nicer for you to live in, but outdoor home improvements also have advantages when it comes time to sell your home. Nicer-looking homes usually sell faster. If you’re thinking about improving your home’s curb appeal, here are five good places to start.

Get a New Front Door

If you want to add a significant ROI to your home improvement investment, then you really do want to think about replacing your front door. According to Southern Living, getting a new front door can give you a return-on-investment of up to 500%.

Add on a Porch

A porch with nice patio furniture just has that welcome-home kind of feel. A nicely-done front porch hearkens back to a time when people sat and chatted with their neighbors over a glass of lemonade. It’s a welcome-home feature that’s hard for homebuyers to resist.

Repair the Roof

At best, a shoddy-looking roof tells them they might have lengthy repairs ahead of them if they buy your home. At worst, it could mean your home is unsafe to live in. If your roof looks a bit tired, it may be time to look into roofing repair services and get the issue fixed before putting it on the market.

Redo the Finish

A new paint job or a fresh bit of siding gives your home a beautiful facelift and protects your home against all types of weather. A few possibilities, besides a new coat of paint, could include wood cedar siding, stone tiles and metal to name but a few.

Give the Landscaping a Boost

It’s difficult to imagine any home selling without having a stunning carpet of grass. However, there’s no reason to stop at just adding some sod when you’re improving your landscaping. Flowerbeds filled with beautiful, fragrant flowers and lots of shrubs will add to your home’s curb appeal, too.

A nice-looking home isn’t just nice for you to live in. Improving your home’s exterior gives you a big leg-up when you’re ready to sell it. A lovely home encourages potential homebuyers to stop and look and possibly inquire, and if you live in an area where there are a lot of homes for sale, having one that’s more of a showstopper definitely gives you an advantage come sale time.

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