First Steps to Take When Preparing For Divorce

First Steps to Take When Preparing For Divorce

Finding out that your partner wants to divorce you can leave you in a state of shock and rejection. Deciding to be the one who seeks a divorce is just as gut-wrenching. In either case, you need to know the first steps to take when preparing for a divorce.

Get Support

Divorce is an emotionally exhausting process. You might have been hoping to rely on your partner for support for the rest of your life, but now they’re going to not be around anymore. Figure out who you can rely on for support and who you can’t.

Assume Responsibility

Whether you instigate the process or get shocked by your partner, divorce can make you want to check out emotionally and just avoid all you can. Keep your wits about you, because the decisions made through this process are going to impact you and others for a long time to come. This is particularly true if there are kids in the picture.

Check Out an Attorney

Even couples going through an amicable divorce might still be in need of divorce lawyers to finalize their agreement. A number of couples negotiate prenuptial agreements before they even get married to pave the way for a seamless divorce should the union be dissolved, but even then, lawyers are crucial to interpret every single detail. In all other cases, you’ll need one on your side.

Can You Make Ends Meet?

When two people are married, they share a home and split a lot of their bills. They also might get volume discounts on anything from bundled insurance to sharing health insurance coverage. You’ll now be responsible for covering all of that for yourself on just your income. Couple that with the expenses involved with the divorce itself, and you can expect your bills to go up even if your income remains flat.

Keep Open Line of Communication

No matter why the divorce is happening or who started it, keep the lines of communication open. Most of the process of divorce is negotiation and compromise. Settle all you can yourselves and amicably.

You Will Get Through This

Divorce is just as stressful as moving or having someone you love pass away. In all three cases, your life is changed dramatically and permanently. The process is by no means enjoyable, but if you move through it mindfully, you can have a lot of influence over how your life looks after this.

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