Surveillance and Security: Times to Take It Seriously

For most business owners, the idea of needing any kind of surveillance countermeasures is often dismissed as laughable and unnecessary. The truth is that every business can be vulnerable to surveillance and espionage, and you need to recognize times when you might be at higher risk of these kinds of issues so that you can address them accordingly. Any company that has an NDA in place or keeps record of client data is at risk. Here are a few times when companies are frequently targeted with surveillance and security threats.

Do You Work in a High-Profile or Highly Secretive Industry?

No matter what type of industry it is, if your work is high-profile or is highly confidential, your company could be at risk of surveillance. You may have competitors who are trying to get ahead, and surveillance measures are often one of the most effective ways to do so. Work with an anti-surveillance company to employ countermeasures to protect your business in this type of situation.

Increased security presence in the office is also a good deterrent. Consider contracting security guard services to keep an eye on the property. They can watch entrances to the building, patrol the parking lot or structure, monitor the common areas, and more.

Are You Restructuring or Expanding Your Operations?

When word of business restructuring or expansion leaks out, everyone wants to know what’s happening. Whether the threat is from a competitor who is trying to keep tabs or an employee or group of employees who are worried about their jobs, surveillance is an easy way to find out what is happening. From bugs in the boardrooms to monitoring network and email activity, there are many potential risks.

Have You Been Discussing an Acquisition?

Few things garner as much attention as leaked information about a potential business acquisition or merger, especially when you are dealing with major players in an industry. If your company has been considering or is getting ready to discuss the potential of a merger or acquisition, you need to work with a counter-surveillance specialist to ensure that all of your conversations and negotiations are kept secure and private. That protects your company’s interest in the transaction.

Will There Be Changes in Your Executive Leadership?

Anytime your company sees major changes in your executive leadership, that can also lead to increased risk of security breaches. It’s another time you may consider increased surveillance measures. Executive leadership changes can often signal unrest in a company, and competitors will try to get as much inside information as possible to try to capitalize on this perceived weakness.

Any time your company is at risk of any kind of data leaks, it is important that you take the measures necessary to keep your information secure. That means that you should work with a counter-surveillance service to sweep your business for surveillance threats. Hire extra security personnel to watch the building.


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