Cut The Waste: Best Places to Find Your Old Ride A New Home

Cut The Waste: Best Places to Find Your Old Ride A New Home

All across the country, people are leaving behind millions of excellent cars and trucks that would otherwise pollute and strain our natural resources. Instead of letting your rust buckets gather dust on your lawn or risk being turned into scrap metal, head to one of these high-quality outlets that will take them off your hands for free or even give you some side cash. That way, you can save money now while doing what’s right for the environment in the long run.

Local Junkyard 

Junkyards are one of the most practical—and most affordable—ways to offload your junker. Most big cities’ junkyards take free or low-cost scrap cars and trucks, so they’re always looking for the next vehicle they can ship off to their giant shredder or strip it for parts. If you have a beat-up minivan or an engine-less motorcycle, send them on over.

Church Car Lot

Around the country, congregations are coming together to turn their members’ old cars into cash for charity. Many churches host a monthly “car lot” or “auto parts yard”. They accept donations and sell used parts and entire vehicles back to the community. The funds raised go toward sustainable building projects and other eco-friendly initiatives.

Free Garage Sale

Throw a neighborhood garage sale and advertise it on social media and your neighborhood’s HOE email list, if available. This would help with advertising that you are selling your vehicle and even help get you a down payment for a new one.

Newspaper and Online Ads

You might not know it, but local newspapers, tv news stations, and other media outlets are always looking for the next hidden gem or bargain buy. It doesn’t take much to clean up your vehicle and take a few quality pictures. The next step is to gather some general information about your vehicle, and in some cases, such as an online ad, they request specific information and give that list to you for ease of use.

Free Scrap Metal Service

Unwanted car buyer websites like and not only take your free scrap metal, they also give you cash for your old ride. Instead of letting it sit on the side of the street and become a hazard, you can get all of your money back and send the car off to a new life.

Want to reduce the amount of metal and chemicals that you’re contributing to in our increasingly toxic world? Buy a secondhand car, and you’ll be doing your part in cutting down on the number of contaminants in your community. And when you ditch your old vehicle, you’ll be supporting numerous nonprofit organizations and saving money at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

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