Own An Older Car Signs to Look For When It Needs A Major Repair

Own An Older Car? Signs to Look For When It Needs A Major Repair

A car is an asset that depreciates whenever you use it. It loses value and efficiency the older it gets. Maintenance and repair are critical to an old car to keep it going. Some parts of the car wear out faster than others and need a replacement. To avoid disappointments while on a trip, you can look for signs to establish whether it requires a significant repair. Don’t wait till the day your car stops moving. Checking out for milestones is essential to car owners and make a point to visit a garage once it has reached 200,000 miles. At this limit, most car parts are worn out and will need a replacement.

Own An Older Car Signs to Look For When It Needs A Major Repair

Noisy Exhaust System

A noisy exhaust system is one of the signs you cannot forget. You will hear the car getting louder each passing day. Fumes from the vehicle will be seen and pollute the environment, leaving third parties ill. Make sure you take your car to your mechanic as soon as you notice your exhaust system is making noises. This is a repair you won’t want to put off as it can have negative effects on your car and your own health. 

Slow-Cranking of the Alternator

The alternator charges the battery that keeps the vehicle moving. When the alternator is faulty, it means the battery won’t be charging, leaving you stranded because your car won’t start. If your battery needs to be charged frequently, take your car to the mechanic and check your alternator to see if it needs to be replaced soon. 

Spongy Brake Pedal

A spongy brake pedal is a sign of a faulty brake master cylinder. You should take this sign seriously when it occurs because it could lead to a break failure when driving and cause a crash, or in the best scenario, it could result in metal-on-metal noise when applying the brakes.

Moisture Buildup

When your windshield gets covered with fog every time, it means that the heater core below the dashboard is failing. Moisture buildup will lead to decreased visibility which may cause accidents. If not replaced immediately, it may cause engine damage by overheating. This is a repair that might seem minor to you at first, but it can have negative consequences for your car. 

Increased Oil Consumption

This is also another common sign with older cars that you should not miss. You may find yourself paying more at the gas station to fill your oil tank. If you suspect the difference is too high, check for leakage. Increased consumption might leave you with no oil sooner than expected. Failure to solve this may lead to engine damage as oil acts as a lubricant between engine parts. Make sure you frequently check your oil levels if you have an older car and always keep it full. 

Watching out for signs of major car repairs is essential. Early automotive repair may save up a good amount of money if corrected early before a major breakdown. During an automotive repair, quality is vital. Find mechanics who are good at the job and always think twice when the deal is too good when buying the parts, or you will find yourself replacing the parts again.

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